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Portrait Photographer, Carlos Taylhardat of Art of Headshots will participate in three more Veteran Portrait project shows to be scheduled for 2013, including one more photography session to be taken in March at the New Westminster Armoury.  As photographer dedicated to capturing portraits, few experiences match the honor of capturing the essence inside our brave Canadian troops.

All of the Veteran Portraits photography are printed in Canvas and later glazed and wrapped in 20″ by 24″ prints.  The result is portraits worthy of the energy and courage undertaken by our Canadian Troops.

During our first photographer session with Seaforth the soldiers agreed but were not sure of the outcome of the project, which resulted in portraits displayed during the 100 th Anniversary.  Shaun O’Mara was the other photographer involved in capturing portraits and was also the founder of the Veteran Portrait project.  This year he will be added to the wall of the Westies battalion.

New Westminster “Westies” is the third series of more to come as we anticipate going to every major city in Canada to honor our troops and possibly have a not for profit charity that can help troops who are experiencing difficulties re-integrating back to Canada.

Sometimes having an opportunity for being honored and acknowledged may be a starting point for those who have lost comrades.  The Portrait project allows the families of the Canadian troops to also feel proud of the recently returned soldier.

As a photographer I also feel like I can honor my own Father who was trained in Italy during the beginning of WWII and later followed His own career in the Navy reaching the status of Naval Captain.

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