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LinkedIn Headshots for Toronto, Calgary & Vancouver

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LinkedIn Headshots

What makes a great profile image

1 – Share your Soul. A great portrait goes far beyond the ink on the paper or the shiny precious metals lighting up our monitors; it’s an emotional document of a person’s heart and soul. Its your personal branding identity.

2 – Be Authentic. A LinkedIn headshot is an opportunity to bring your best, not to try and become someone else.

3 – Be Real. Some people smile wide, others don’t show a smile in the mouth but the eyes are smiling brightly.

Art of Headshots Studios in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Austin, Texas.

LinkedIn Headshots

Myths and Bad Advice

1 – It should be a white background – only. Chose a cinematic background ( everything is out of focus ), grey, white or black if you want. Consider where else your headshot will be used such as your website and business cards and pick a backdrop that matches your design.

2 – LinkedIn headshot should have you smiling or just a picture of your head. Consult with your professional photographer and be authentic, don’t restrict opportunities prior to shooting, let the journey during a session dictate the final product.

3 – Use a speciffic camera, only! The camera has nothing to do with the final result for a great LinkedIn image… A LinkedIn headshot file size is a little bigger than a thumbnail size. Go with a professional who know how to capture your essence and don’t worry about his equipment, he can use an iPhone, medium format or polaroid equipment doesn’t matter.

Art of Headshots Studios in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Austin, Texas.

LinkedIn Headshots

by Art of Headshots

1 – Authenticity – we want you! We photograph our clients as human beings rather than a product, place or event. Producing authentic, real and images that invite clients, friends and future people to build a relationship through your LinkedIn headshot.

2 – Technical Process – we produce the optimum headshot sizing for LinkedIn with a black border finish. A LinkedIn headshot is photoshopped and touched up in a distinct manner to produce an image that will stand out.

3 – Cropping for LinkedIn – cropping for LinkedIn is different than the headshots for printing or other mediums. We polish your image to stand out on LinkedIn.

Art of Headshots Studios in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and Austin, TX

LinkedIn Headshots

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