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Carlos Taylhardat CEO Art of Headshots & vancouver photographer

Carlos Taylhardat

As a little boy I admired my father’s ability to capture great images. He was a diplomat and traveled around the world – I would follow him everywhere. My favourite shots of dad’s were always, without fail, photography of people.

In 1985, while studying photography at Claude Watson School for the Arts in Toronto, I was mesmerized by the most outstanding portrait photograph I have ever seen: National Geographic Magazine’s cover of June 1985 – the Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry. Little did I know that 30 years later, my mission would be to recreate the feeling of the Afghan Girl in every headshot, by capturing the spirit inside everyone who I have the honour to photograph.

In the 1990’s, I worked with troubled youth and their families for the Ministry of Children and Families, the Vancouver School Board and various non profit societies. During those 14 years as a youth worker and family therapist, I always wondered about working with people at their best rather than at their worst.

Counselling taught me to interact with my clients as if it was a session, bringing out their best throughout each interaction. Today, my clients have a mini-session, just like family therapy, but it’s fun, easy and always produces great results. My dream came true through Art of Headshots.

My father’s passion for photography was infectious. He would have been an extraordinary photographer. In our last conversation, he asked me to never quit photography. I won’t.

Jenny Lopez captures Orlando Headshots

Jenny Lopez

Jenny's passion as a photographer began when she realized how thankful she was for all the photographs she had of her late mother. She recalls with a laugh how much she's grown since her first photography class in a local church. By applying the skills and lessons she learned in each of her classes, she's transformed into the talented photographer she is today.

Jenny's career spanned from full-time household manager, to selling homes as a realtor before turning to photography full time. While working as a Real Estate Agent felt like a job, Jenny realized the time flew by while photographing clients and she couldn't wait to get behind her camera again.

Personal Interests
Various US states and living in China are on Jenny's travel bucket list, but really she wants to go everywhere. She really enjoyed the culture, diversity, food and music she experienced in while traveling across Africa, and she loved learning about the history and religion during her time in Israel. Her personal hobbies include family time, and expressing her Latin roots through dance.

Incredibly, Jenny is a caregiver/mother to 9 kids ranging in ages from 13 to 26 whom she adopted, inherited, took in, and birthed. She doesn't distinguish her love between her biological and non biological kids, and enjoys figuring out the best ways to communicate with each of them (what Jenny calls their 'love language'). We are so lucky to have Jenny join our team, as her passion and eye for photography in addition to her generous heart makes her the best kind of photographer.

Regina Headshots with Fredau at Art of Headshots

Fredau Hoekstra

Fredau (pronounced like Free-da) is the photographer for Art of Headshots Regina, with her studio conveniently located downtown.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Fredau uses her vast knowledge and experience from working in the modelling industry for 10 years in her photography. She was inspired to become a professional photographer after managing a talent agency in Toronto and needing stronger headshots of her talent. She finds creative inspiration everywhere around her, and loves the photographs that get published in magazines like Black and White, and The Opera.

Maya Angelou’s quote “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” really resonates with Fredau, and she strives to let this idea guide her interactions with people. “I love being creative, but I thrive most on meaningful human connection”.

1. Fredau has a green thumb, tending to her large vegetable and herb garden on her free time. Her favourite meal is a garden tomato sandwich on freshly baked homemade bread topped with some brie!
2. Her new home came with a black cat, Spooky! Spooky graciously shared this house with 3 previous owners and now she’s made room for Fredau’s family.
3. Fredau hasn’t lived with a tv since she was 22 and considers it one of her best decisions. She does enjoy occasionally watching ‘Roots and refuge farm’, and ‘The Photographic eye’ on YouTube though!

Eva Wong

Eva's photography journey started when her father gifted her a film camera to distract her from her then dream of becoming a portrait artist. Eva's parents had big wishes for her to drop into a more traditional career as a doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc. but her joy of photography took her in another direction. After taking classes in university, and being hired as her Uncle's wedding photographer, she had an inkling that photography would be her career one day.

Eva's life has taken her across the globe. Born in Fiji, and then raised in Oregon, Eva eventually applied for a scholarship to spend some of her university years studying abroad in China. Here she learned mandarin and also worked for the Canadian Embassy in Beijing. After her time abroad she moved to Canada and worked for Statistics Canada. Eva has the travel bug with dreams of traveling across the globe.

Eva is a single mother to 3 loving children ages 5-14. She dedicates her personal time making sure her kids have the best physical and emotional upbringing to grow into healthy, well adjusted young adults. Once a month Eva does standup comedy to flex her comedic chops, and she's planning on using her wry sense of humor to write a book about her incredible life's journey. We've barely scratched the surface on Eva's accomplishments, so we think this book is going to fly off the shelves.

Along with a supportive business partner, Eva runs a newly renovated studio with 5 photography sets. Her resilience and passion for photography has kept her studio alive despite the interruptions in business due to COVID shutdowns and the severe storm in early 2022 that flooded her studio. Eva will do whatever it takes to keep photography in her life while also financially providing for herself and her kids. Eva's strong, empathetic, and resilient personality makes her a wonderful addition to the Art of Headshots family. Her introverted personality allows her to really listen and observe clients like you to bring out the best of you in your headshots.

Eluvier Acosta

Eluvier Acosta is a dynamic headshot photographer who initially moved to Calgary as a petroleum engineer but his passion for people and capturing their essence changed his fate…Calgary will benefit from Eluvier talent and abilities as Art of Headshots Calgary photographer.

Eluvier was born in Southern Colombia in a town of fewer than 100 people in the Amazon territories. He always wanted to exercise his creative talent but “chose to engineer to be responsible”. It would take a successful career as an engineer before he transitioned to a portrait photographer with Art of Headshots and a fashion photographer with his own line

His work has been featured in Italian Photo Vogue, Promo Magazine and GMARO in New York, Moevir Magazine in Paris and now anyone can benefit from his incredible talent, passion and compassion.

Will Art of Headshots Photographer Toronto

Will O’Hare

Will is a multi-disciplinary artist and educator specializing in portrait, wedding, and documentary photography. Will has worked with Academy Award-nominated actor Woody Harrelson, Julie Taymor, and Disney Theatrical Productions.

His work has been seen in Toronto, New York City, London, Italy, London, and Paris and he has photographed on assignment for clients such as The Georgia Straight, The Commercial Observer, Kerrang! Magazine, Bain & Company, Brooklyn Law School, The Windmill Factory, Ketchum Digital, and Edelman Digital among others.

Eric Sanchez headshots photographer

Eric Sanchez

Eric Sanchez is our creative headshots photographer living in Montreal. Eric was born and raised in Paris, France and has worked in two distinct careers: production and camera operator in the Movie industry & running his own studio dedicated to Art of Headshots.

Eric has travelled to over 46 countries photographing magazine covers, personalities, and advertisements for big brands. On his spare time he’s a tour manager for music bands across the world! “I’m basically the chief of a bunch of crazy people enjoying playing music.”

Eric loves travelling anywhere in the world close to the ocean. He is good at everything related to sports and managing / anticipating things. He can’t go a day without sports, his friends, or his phone. Book a session today with our delightfully talented photographer Eric!

Daniel Nguyen Art of Headshots Photographer

Daniel Nguyen

Daniel Nguyen is an American Photographer, founder of FOTOHOUSE Studio, avid motorcyclist and car enthusiast.

Daniel is largely known for his striking portraitures, lifestyle, and commercial photography. Seeking truth in his images, Nguyen captures portraits everywhere from regular folks like us to professional models and celebrated artists. He isn’t big on small talk but holds an open-door policy at his beloved photography studio hosting artists and creatives of all kinds.

Daniel has been published in Forbes Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, Austin Woman Magazine and worked on campaigns for various companies both locally and internationally.

Emily Welz

Emily Welz has been a professional photographer for five years with a background in Literature and Arts. She chose to become a portrait photographer due to her passion and love for people.

We are quite excited towards having Emily growing and learning with Art of Headshots and are certain that in a short period her name will be synonymous with headshots in Edmonton.

Halifax Headshots Photographer: Nicholas

Nicholas Hiscock

Currently residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Nicholas holds a bachelor of music from Memorial University and an M.F.A of Documentary Media from Toronto Metropolitan University. His work has been published in the Oxford Press, CBC, Deadline, Extra, The Telegram, Saltwire Network and many more.

Earl G Headshot web

Earl Gardner

Earl was a late comer to the world of photography, but quickly developed a passion for learning as much as he could about the art and putting it into practice. Since 2017 has successfully run his photography company alongside his son in Fort Myers, and developed a solid reputation in the world of business headshots and portraits. Whether he is photographing clients or working on personal projects you will usually find Earl behind the camera on a daily basis.

Earlier in 2022 Earl was awarded the Associates Certification in Portrait Photography by The Portrait Masters organizations, and is currently working to gain the Masters Certification with the same body.

One of Earl’s goals in his headshot career is to make each guest feel comfortable and relaxed, Whether you feel most comfortable with a friend or by yourself, Earl welcomes everyone into his studio with appreciation. His easy going manner, and sense of humor will quickly puts you at ease to capture natural and authentic headshots.

Kelowna Headshots Photographer: Landon

Jesse Hlady

Jesse considers himself to be fortunate in having a career where he gets to do what he loves, every day. Photographing people.

You can count on Jesse to bring his enthusiasm and passion to every assignment. Professionalism in an interactive and intuitive way is his approach to servicing Art of Headshots Victoria Studio. Jesse’s life experience and over a decade of photographing people is clearly shown in his portraits.

“I met her on my flight returning from my Grandfathers funeral… I wasn’t feeling social and didn’t speak to the passenger sitting with me for a while, than something happened we spoke and who would ever have imagined that she would eventually become my wife and mother of our children” — Jesse Hlady.


Becky MacQuarrie is Art of Headshots operations director, facilitating the processes for capturing portraits with our corporate clients by communicating all brand awareness and translating it into headshots of our customer's team. Her talent and abilities are unmatched.

Before working with Art of Headshots, Becky had a career with Habour Air in various client care positions, witnessing and developing the airline to grow into the largest Seaplane Airline in the World and soon to become the first electric airplane airline. She received the Tag Heuer award for valued staff members who have been with the company longer than ten years.

As Art of Headshots grows, we have been fortunate to benefit from her hard work, dedication, and philosophical commitment to excellence.

Samantha Knoop

Samantha Knoop started her photography journey working with families then further progressed as a daycare photographer before hitting her stride in headshots.

Samantha dedicats her time to photographing Calgary Headshots on-location. For corporations she sets up a studio backdrop and lights in your offices and photographs your staff over the course of one or more days. Minimum of 3 staff are required for us to come to you.

For those individuals needing Calgary Headshots and not working through a corporation, Samantha knows all the best city center and outdoor backdrops in Calgary and is happy to work with you to decide a location.


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