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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

Helen Keller

Thanks to our wonderful team, we are able to offer headshot services in so many different locations. Each team member is thoughtfully chosen for the qualities we hold in high regard: great camera skills, caring personalities, and the ability to bring out genuine emotions in real people like you. Our team members are creative, funny, artistic, and full of life! Get to know us a little more.

Carlos Taylhardat, CEO Art of Headshots

Carlos Taylhardat

Founder, Vancouver Headshot Photographer

As a little boy I admired my father’s ability to capture great images. He was a diplomat and traveled around the world – I would follow him everywhere. My favourite shots of dad’s were always, without fail, photography of people.

In 1985, while studying photography at Claude Watson School for the Arts in Toronto, I was mesmerized by the most outstanding portrait photograph I have ever seen: National Geographic Magazine’s cover of June 1985 – the Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry. Little did I know that 30 years later, my mission would be to recreate the feeling of the Afghan Girl in every headshot, by capturing the spirit inside everyone who I have the honour to photograph.

In the 1990’s, I worked with troubled youth and their families for the Ministry of Children and Families, the Vancouver School Board and various non profit societies. During those 14 years as a youth worker and family therapist, I always wondered about working with people at their best rather than at their worst.

Counselling taught me to interact with my clients as if it was a session, bringing out their best throughout each interaction. Today, my clients have a mini-session, just like family therapy, but it’s fun, easy and always produces great results. My dream came true through Art of Headshots.

My father’s passion for photography was infectious. He would have been an extraordinary photographer. In our last conversation, he asked me to never quit photography. I won’t.

Anastasia Brauer Toronto Photographer

Anastasia Brauer

Toronto Headshot Photographer

Anastasia Brauer is a wonderful addition to the Art of Headshots team. Her studio is located in her beautiful downtown Toronto loft, providing a comfortable and accessible location for our customers.

Anastasia was born in Russia but lived most of her life in Toronto and has three print publishings: two issues in Picton Magazine and one issue in Bring Me Magazine. Her style is to bring genuine connections and sincere interaction in her portraits. In her free time, she loves to photograph landscapes on her film camera while travelling in the Rockies and Vancouver.

“Photography is a form of artistic expression for me—a process of discovery, of having my path, no interpretation. Creation of unique experiences”

You can expect a genuine connection and sincere expression in your portrait by Anastasia Bauer.

Eluvier WEB2

Eluvier Acosta

Calgary Headshot Photographer

Eluvier Acosta (pronounced like ill-oo-vee-ay) is unstoppable, making a long journey from his remote hometown village, to settling down in Calgary as a chemical engineer, and finally stepping into his passion of photography.

Eluvier’s natural eye for creativity makes him a dynamic headshot photographer with a vision. His studio is conveniently located within walking distance of the downtown core, and he is eager to work with you.

Calgary will benefit from Eluvier’s talent and abilities as Art of Headshots Calgary photographer.

0115Emily Welz WEB

Emily Welz

Edmonton Headshot Photographer

Emily Welz has been a professional photographer for over 5 years with a background in Literature and Arts. She chose to become a portrait photographer due to her passion and love for people.

We are quite excited about having Emily growing and blossoming with Art of Headshots and we are certain that in a short period of time her name will be synonymous with headshots in Edmonton.

Art of Headshots Regina Photographer, Fredau

Fredau Hoekstra

Regina Headshot Photographer

Fredau (pronounced like Frida) is the photographer for Art of Headshots Regina, with her studio conveniently located downtown.

“I love being creative, but I thrive most on meaningful human connection”.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Fredau was inspired to become a professional photographer due to her vast knowledge and experience in the Modelling industry. On her spare time, she enjoys getting creative with multiple photography formats including digital, analog, and polaroid.

Maya Angelou’s quote “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” really resonates with Fredau, and she strives to let this idea guide her interactions with people.

Eric Sanchez

Eric Sanchez

Montreal Headshot Photographer

Eric Sanchez is a talented photographer living in Montreal. Eric was born and raised in Paris, France and has worked in two distinct careers as a production and camera operator in the Movie industry and now running his own studio dedicated to Art of Headshots.

Art of Headshots Halifax Studio

Brandis Maier

Halifax Headshot Photographer

Brandis has always loved taking photos, its been her passion for life. She is proud of her family and support. You can count on Brandis passion for people to produce and immortalize you through a portrait that will make your loved ones smile.

Do you want a headshot for LinkedIn, acting or team photos? Brandis will help you reach your goals through the Art of Headshots methodology and systems to realize portraits to help you succeed.

Headshot of Daniel Nguyen

Daniel Nguyen

Austin Headshot Photographer

Daniel Nguyen is an American Photographer, founder of FOTOHOUSE Studio, avid motorcyclist and car enthusiast.

Daniel is largely known for his striking portraitures, lifestyle, and commercial photography. Seeking truth in his images, Nguyen captures portraits everywhere from regular folks like us to professional models and celebrated artists. He isn’t big on small talk but holds an open-door policy at his beloved photography studio hosting artists and creatives of all kinds.

Daniel has been published in Forbes Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, Austin Woman Magazine and worked on campaigns for various companies both locally and internationally.

Self Portrait of Patrick Hodgson

Patrick Hodgson

Etobicoke Headshot Photographer

Patrick is a passionate photographer dedicated to capturing the essence of his customers through his experience and understanding of people.

Besides being a talented headshot photographer he is an award-winning filmmaker based in Toronto. Striving to make it better every time.

A graduate of film school in 2004 he has been on a crazy journey “that I wouldn’t trade for the World. He loves pleasing his clients and watching their reaction to his extraordinary work and abilities. Director of Walter, Typical Love Story and Getting ready for a lunch date.

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