Free headshot Photography for WWII Veterans, Supporters & Victims

June 1, 2019

Free headshot for WWII Veterans, Supporters & Victims

Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa and Halifax.

It’s June 1, 2019, marking the 75th anniversary of D’day and Art of Headshots Studio wants to contribute by honouring those who fought and are survived by all those who were lost. We also want to honour anybody who has contributed, nurses, concentration camp survivors or scientists.

Free headshot Photography for WWII Veterans, Supporters & Victims by Art of Headshots Studios in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa and Halifax.

A headshot is a gift of life… Our minds are extraordinary at understanding people, so a great headshot makes a statement that manifests a deep and profound understanding of that person, that goes beyond words to convey a subconscious realization of his or her best.

A gift of LIFE

Great Portraits Immortalizes one’s memory

My Father was an officer in training in 1936 while living in Rome, he survived a number of encounters including a bullet in his skull that was never removed.

This year it will be the 75th Anniversary of D’Day, we want to contribute as much as possible by offering our distinct process of capturing portraits to reveal the core of individuals. Do you have a relative who toured Europe during WWII? A concentration camp survivor? Let us know we are here to help.

WWII ( 1945 )

Courtesy British Pathe history.

Come and stand in memory
Of men who fought and died
They gave their lives in Normandy
Remember them with pride.

Soldiers, Airman, sailors
Airborne and marines
Who in civvy life were tailors
and men who worked machines.

British and Canadian
And men from USA
Forces from the Commonwealth
They all were there that day

To Juno, Sword and Utah
Beaches of renown
Also Gold and Omaha
That’s where the ramps went down.

The battle raged in Normandy
Many lives were lost
The war must end in victory
And this must be the cost

When my life is over
And I reach the other side
I’ll meet my friends from Normandy
And shake their hands with pride.

There are many thoughts that envelope your inner voice
There are many scenarios that do and do not give you a choice
There are many fears that grip your heart and very soul
There are many changes that were not part of your goal

You lose the will to achieve, to fight, to carry on
You lose the strength to except things that are gone
You lose the understanding that you once held so true
You lose the confidence that once was your mainstay glue

D Day by day lost in confusion and fear
E Escalating frustration that no one hears
P Pursuance of a dream so very hard to achieve
R Reliance of a truth, that you no longer believe
E Everywhere others find their way, or so it seems
S Solutions evade you, lost in nightmares and dreams
S Solitude is your friend, your enemy, deep within your soul
I Interwoven confusion, all anger, all angst you withhold
O Only you hold the key to release all this anger and pain
N Not being able to see any achievements, the gifts you have gained

I understand your feelings of being lost, in despair
I understand sometimes you feel that no one cares
I understand your need to find love and compassion that define
I understand your depression, though I truly don’t understand mine

These are the many feelings of being lost within ones self
The negative feelings you have should be placed on a internal shelf
This is self absorption, you should never visit, that should be denied
This cannot help you, only leave you lonely, in a world only you reside

We all experience some form of depression from time to time
Try to find something to be grateful for, something so sublime
Try and give many thanks for what you have right here and now
Try to give a warm smile to another, maybe help them somehow

You are not alone within your depression, though that’s not how you feel
These feelings you have can be so overwhelming, each one of them so real
Reach out to others in your darkest times, in your deepest time of need
Don’t go it alone, the answers you seek maybe when someone intercedes

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