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We take your career aspirations seriously and will do everything in our professional experience and talent to produce to produce a portrait for success. Consider that talent agents and casting directors review thousands of headshots and all have what we call vacant smiles or a vroom look, trying to act like a deer in a headlight. But your headshot has life, its as if they can feel and touch your energy? We have and will continue to help our actors increase their opportunity for success through not just a picture, profile image, portrait but an Art of Headshots.

At Art of Headshots our photographer’s talent with a camera is obvious. More importantly, their natural empathy and ability to listen help ease your nerves. Once the jitters subside they’re able to make your personality shine.

Invest in your future by getting our professional headshots photographer to expertly capture your personality in your headshots.

I think something that many actors have, which is something you learn, is that you can’t be afraid to look stupid, you can’t be afraid to mess up, you can’t be afraid of anything


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Actor headshots are the single most important component towards building a successful career as an actor, besides your natural talent and abilities. After seeing countless auditions in a day, casting directors use actor headshots to remember their favourite actors. This is why it is so crucial that your personality and emotive talents are reflected in your headshots.

Our methodology for producing headshots has helped countless actors succeed. We dig deep to bring that spark of life out in your eyes because our goal is to get directors to pause when they see your photo and spend more time considering you for the role. We sincerely want to see you make it in this acting industry.

Art of Headshots Toronto photography studio specializing in business portraits, corporations and actor headshots.
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What our clients have Said
James R. Baylis
James R. Baylis
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I wasn’t succeeding with my old headshot until ‘Art of Headshots’. My first audition I landed a role in Pirates of the Caribbean, my second audition it was X-Files and my career started… Now I have a role in Altered Carbon and a career as a film actor.
Chuck V.
Chuck V.
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Our son does acting and needs to get headshots made from time to time. We found The Art of Headshots online. The web-site seemed to be well setup and easy to navigate. We found the right package and scheduled a convenient appointment. The pricing was very competitive. It wasn’t until we attended the appointment that we realized the real value. The photographer was very experienced. He guided our son to show various expressions and captured some really amazing photographs. Everything about this company, from the intuitive website to the friendly editor and administrator, to the superior quality of the edited headshots has been exceptional. My Son got a role with SuperGirl immediately upon his first audition.
Nancy Heleno
Nancy Heleno
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My 13-year-old son is in Vancouver from the States shooting a TV show. His Los Angeles manager needed updated head shots; my son is moving through puberty and his features are changing quickly. Carlos was recommended to us and after reading the Yelp reviews we took a chance without having met him. As the only under-18 actor coached by two well-regarded acting coaches, my son was thrilled to learn, in the first few moments of their meeting, that Carlos is a “Method Photographer.” With years of Method Acting coaching, my son was right at home with Carlos. My son’s manager was extremely pleased with the shots specific to the emotions they desire for casting directors. The results were excellent, and the process was as well. Carlos is kind, putting my son at ease which allowed him to find the emotional depth necessary to make the shots compelling. Top Notch!
Emmy Nominated Actors

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Emmy nominated actors teach you everything you need to know to make it in Hollywood, including how (not) to take the best headshot, how to train for acting and how to memorize lines. Featuring William H. Macy, Edie Falco, Jeff Daniels, Ed Harris, Michael Stuhlbarg, Mandy Patinkin, Darren Criss, David Harbour and Alexis Bledel – by Vanity Fair


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