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Vancouver Headshots Portrait Photography
Vancouver Headshots Portrait Photography
Portrait Photography Headshots Vancouver BC
Vancouver Headshots Portrait Photography
Vancouver Headshots Portrait Photography
Vancouver Headshots Portrait Photography
Vancouver Headshots Portrait Photography
Vancouver Headshots Portrait Photography
Vancouver Headshots Portrait Photography
Vancouver Headshots Portrait Photography


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Do you get nervous in front of a camera? You’re not alone. We feel scrutinized and unsure of what to do with our body, so we want to rush through headshots all while feeling worried that the photos won’t turn out well and trying to hide that worry behind a fake smile. Yikes! No wonder so many people dislike photos of themselves.

At Art of Headshots our photographer’s talent with a camera is obvious. More importantly, their natural empathy and ability to listen help ease your nerves. Once the jitters subside they’re able to make your personality shine.

Invest in your future by getting a one of our professional Vancouver headshots photographers to expertly capture your personality in your headshots.

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A storied city located right on the Bow and Elbow Rivers, Calgary is not all fun and games. Thanks to a leading energy sector and a strong corporate downtown culture, Calgary runs on a “work hard” mentality. With the famous Calgary Stampede, Calgarians know how to “play hard” too.

With so many opportunities to make your mark on such a confident city, a strong and professional headshot (along with a little cowboy confidence) will go a long way to taking Calgary by the horns.

Take advantage of our convenient on-location corporate headshot service by inviting our photographer to update everyone’s headshots on the same day at your office.  

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Holly Hofmann

Holly has always felt at ease behind a lens. Finding the right combination of composition, lighting and intrigue is a math equation she never tires of trying to solve. She passionately believes everyone should have a great portrait they can hold onto for a lifetime (and takes great joy in making that happen). To capture a little slice of time, she loves to have a conversation with her photography subjects and catch them exactly when they reveal that precise thing it is that makes them who they are.

Holly grew up in Delaware and has lived in New York, Spain, Poland and Finland. For the last ten years, Vancouver has been home. She has always been inspired by Silvia Plath’s quote: “Why can’t I try on different lives, like dresses, to see which fits best and is more becoming?” That drive has led to a diverse career in film production, teaching, journalism, documentary filmmaking and photography.

Carlos Taylhardat CEO Art of Headshots & vancouver photographer

Carlos Taylhardat

Carlos Taylhardat is the headshot photographer in Vancouver specializing in helping actors be discovered and producing corporate branding portraits. Art of Headshots Vancouver since 2009. He is passionate about seizing human experiences to capture the life of an individual’s portrait.

Inspired by his Father and travelling around the World as a Child taught him to understand people and their intricate differences, his approach to portrait photography has helped countless businesses and individuals succeed.

Throughout his 20 plus years as a photographer, Carlos has worked with Microsoft, 3M, Lions Gate Studios, the Vancouver Art Gallery, all of the major banks and some of the biggest law firms while helping countless individual meet their goals by having a life like headshots.
“Our minds are extraordinary towards understanding people, a great headshot sparks a profound understanding of you, beyond words to convey energy. We photograph our customers with empathy to invoke a profound portrait of you.”

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James R. Baylis
James R. BaylisActor Read More

I wasn’t succeeding with my old headshot until ‘Art of Headshots’. My first audition I landed a role in Pirates of the Caribbean, my second audition it was X-Files and my career started… Now I have a role in Altered Carbon and a career as a film actor.

Sanam Bakhtiar
Sanam Bakhtiar Read More

As a picky person, there have been very few occasions where I’ve had a picture of myself that I’ve liked; however, I’m extremely satisfied with the headshots that I received from Art of Headshots. Carlos is a fantastic photographer who makes you feel at ease and gets great natural looking (i.e. not stiff) shots, and then Becky works her magic to further improve upon the great shots with quality editing and touch-ups. It was like having the support of a glam-squad! I would highly recommend Art of Headshots.

Greg Vigor
Greg VigorWeb Developer Read More

The best headshot photography service in Greater Vancouver. Carlos is a master. Over the years I have seen many Realtor photos taken by Carlos and he always does a great job of catching that right moment. Recently a Realtor I know well had an updated shot taken by someone else his office had arranged with. It was mediocre at best. Art of Headshots offers a fair price for an exceptional end result. If you are in business get your most critical marketing piece done right.

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Vancouver is one of my favorite places on earth. It’s gray and rainy there a lot of the time, but for some reason, even though it’s gray and rainy, I feel like it’s a sunny day.

— Billy Campbell

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5 movies filmed in Vancouver, BC

Here are five great movies filmed in Vancouver that your actor headshots might have landed a career.

  1. Dead Pool
    Starring Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin and TJ Miller. 2016
  2. Jumanji
    Starring Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black and Kevin Hart
  3. Juno
    Starring Ellen Page, Michael Cera and Jennifer Garner
  4. Rise for the Planet of Apes
    Starring James Franco, Freida Pinto and John Lithgow
  5. Cabin in the Woods
    Starring Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth and Anna Hutchinson

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5 Celebrities Born in Vancouver, BC

  1. Seth Rogan
    Seth Aaron Rogen born April 15, 1982
  2. Ryan Reynolds
    Ryan Rodney Reynolds, born October 23, 1976
  3. Hayden Christensen
    Hayden Christensen, born april 19, 1981
  4. Katherine DeMille
    Katherine De Mille ( June 29,191 to April 27, 1995 )
  5. Richard Hatch
    Richard Holman Hatch Jr., born April 8, 1961

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Vancouver, British Columbia

2022 Vancouver Travel Guide

Will, from the YouTube channel Sprouht, narrows down the 29 best things to do in Vancouver

Will puts together a comprehensive list of sight seeing spots in Vancouver and, after living in Vancouver for over 4 months, Will has a unique perspective of both a resident and newcomer.

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