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Do you get nervous in front of a camera? You’re not alone. We feel scrutinized and unsure of what to do with our body, so we want to rush through headshots all while feeling worried that the photos won’t turn out well and trying to hide that worry behind a fake smile. Yikes! No wonder so many people dislike photos of themselves.

At Art of Headshots our photographer’s talent with a camera is obvious. More importantly, their natural empathy and ability to listen help ease your nerves. Once the jitters subside they’re able to make your personality shine.

Invest in your future by getting a one of our professional Halifax headshots photographers to expertly capture your personality in your headshots.

What we can do for you

Halifax Headshots Services

  • Corporate Headshots

    Book separate appointments for each employee at our studio, or have us come to your office to capture everyone on the same day.

  • Actor Headshots

    Includes a consultation to determine studio set up / location to accentuate the type of characters you want to be cast as

  • Team Photos

    When booking us to come to your offices, ask us to photograph your team together. A group photo on your website is a great visual representation that your team works well together.

  • Branding Photos

    Our branding headshots showcase your unique energy, whether we photograph you at home, in-action at your business or playing sports. Doing what you love convinces others to choose your business.

  • Specialized Editing

    We offer specialized editing services like Invisible backgrounds (background removal) and background replacement.

  • Social Media Headshots

    Headshots aren't only limited to corporations. We photograph headshots for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, small business websites and more.

Business headshots

Business Headshots Photographer

Halifax is thriving as the city with the largest population on the east coast of Canada. Haligonians have a reputation of being amongst the friendliest in Canada, so its no wonder why the city has such a great sense of community.

Each member of the business community helps build up Halifax’s reputation, and keeps locals wanting to live there. With your charisma being one of the biggest reasons people come back to you for your goods and services, its best to invest in a headshot that can really convey the genuine care and passion you bring to your business.

Our Halifax headshots studio provides a convenient location for you to update your headshots and bring in new customers via your cheerful face on your website.

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Meet your photographer

Halifax Headshots Expert

Nicholas Hiscock

Currently residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Nicholas holds a bachelor of music from Memorial University and an M.F.A of Documentary Media from Toronto Metropolitan University. His work has been published in the Oxford Press, CBC, Deadline, Extra, The Telegram, Saltwire Network and many more.


What our clients have Said
Matt Q.
Matt Q.
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Very friendly and professional. Many of us aren’t used to the large photo setups and it can often be awkward. This was an easy experience to get some great photos.
Shae H.
Shae H.
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Love my headshot! People tell me it reflects their experience of my physical presence in real life – always right there, in the moment. Not an easy feat.
Michelle D.
Michelle D.
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The name really does reflect the process. An artful approach to capturing both your image and your energy in a unique, relaxed way. All further enhanced with thoughtful, expert cropping and polishing of the shot to optimize for the appropriate medium. I really do feel like I'm putting my best face forward. And I had trouble choosing from among several great shots - nice problem!
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Halifax Studio

29 Beaumont Drive,
Lower Sackville, NS B4C 1V5


Art of Headshots

Halifax Studio Space

Visit our lovely Halifax headshots studio, where Nicholas will make your photography experience a welcoming one.

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The more I hold myself close and fully embrace who I am, the more I thrive.


Behind the scenes

Sneak Peek

See how our headshot sessions progress, and how we work to make you as comfortable as possible.

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Movies and TV shows filmed in Halifax, NS

  1. Titanic
    Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, and Kathy Bates

  2. The Lighthouse
    Starring: Robert Pattinson, Willem Dafoe, Valeriia Karaman, and Logan Hawkes

  3. Trailer Park Boys
    Starring: John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells, Mike Smith, John Dunsworth

  4. Jesse Stone: Stone Cold
    Starring: Tom Selleck, Jane Adams, Reg Rogers, and Viola Davis

  5. Dolores Claiborne
    Starring: Kathy Bates, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Christopher Plummer, and Judy Parfitt

  6. K-19: The Widowmaker
    Starring: Harrison Ford, Sam Spruell, Peter Stebbings, and Christian Camargo

  7. The Shipping News
    Starring: Kevin Spacey, Julianne Moore, Judi Dench, Cate Blanchett

11 Random Facts About Halifax, NS

  1. Halifax is located on the traditional unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq people.
  2. Halifax was established in 1749 by Governor General Edward Cornwallis and has the largest population east of Quebec.
  3. Halifax has more pubs per capita than any other city in Canada.
  4. Until 1844, the Royal Navy hung pirates at Point Pleasant Park’s Black Rock Beach.
  5. North America’s first zoo was established in Halifax 1847.
  6. Dr. Marie Hamilton was the first black Canadian Woman to receive the Governor General Award (1983).
  7. Halifax has a great double ax throwing pub.
  8. Louisiana’s Acadian population may have moved from Halifax to escape the 7 yrs War from 1755 to 1762.
  9. The difference between an East Coaster and a West Coaster is that in the West Coast the average family immigrated about two to three years ago and in the East Coast the average family immigrated two to three centuries ago.
  10. The coldest day was -29C (-21F) on February 18, 1922 and the warmest day was 37.2C (99F) set in July 10, 1912.
  11. Halifax has some of the best real estate prices of Canada’s major cities.


5 Famous People Born in Halifax, NS

  1. Sarah McLachlan

  2. Sidney Crosby
    Professional NHL player

  3. Elliot Page
    Actor and producer

  4. JRDN (Jordan Croucher)
    R&B recording artist & Youth Ambassador for D250

  5. Sloan
    Rock band

Halifax Nova Scotia

The best city on the East coast

Locals tell us why Halifax is under-recognized as a wonderful city to live in. 

Discover the popular local hot spots, fun recreational activities, and why the East Coast citizens have a reputation for being the friendliest in Canada.

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