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Our minds are extraordinary towards understanding people, a great headshots sparks a profound understanding of you, beyond words to convey your energy.

Managing Photographer for Halifax, NS

Brandis Maier

Brandis has always loved taking photos, its been her passion for life. She is proud of her family and support. You can count on Brandis passion for people to produce and immortalize you through a portrait that will make your loved ones smile.

Do you want a headshot for LinkedIn, acting or team photos? Brandis will help you reach your goals through the Art of Headshots methodology and systems to realize portraits to help you succeed.

Beautiful city of Halifax

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Halifax, founded in 1749 by Governor-General Edward Cornwallis, is Canada’s largest city east of Quebec. …
Some of the interesting and fun facts about Halifax city in Canada are as follows:
1. Halifax has more pubs per capita than any other city in Canada.
2. Until 1844, the Royal Navy hung pirates at Point Pleasant Park’s Black Rock Beach.
3. North America’s first zoo was established in Halifax 1847 two years following the last pirate hung by the Royal Navy.
4. Dr. Marie Hamilton was the first black Canadian woman to receive the Governor-General Award (1983).
5. August 7, 1987, the “Sid the Kid” was born.
6. Halifax has a great double axe-throwing pub.
7. Louisiana’s Acadian population may have moved from Halifax to escape the 7 yrs War from 1755 to 1762.
8. The difference between an East Coaster and a West Coaster is that on the West Coast the average family immigrated about two to three years ago and on the East Coast the average family immigrated two to three centuries ago.
9. The coldest day was -29C (-21F) on February 18, 1922, and the warmest day was 37.2C (99F) set on July 10, 1912.
10. Halifax has the best real estate prices of Canadian major cities (I am buying).

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