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At Art of headshots we are so lucky to have such talented photographers. They’ve all contributed some of their favourite images to display in our collective portfolio. Here you’ll find a variety of images taken in studio and outdoors. Our studio headshots are photographed with professional lighting, while our outdoor photos are photographed with flash or reflectors to ensure you look perfect either way.

You’ll notice some images in our portfolio are taken in landscape mode, while others are shot in portrait mode. Which ever your preference is, we’ll work with you to capture the exact photos you need.  We also meet other specifications, such as file size, black and white, resolution and more.

We believe every individual can look good on camera, regardless of age, gender, or body shape. Angles are key in making you look good! We’ve tried to include people of all ages, sizes and genders in our portfolio to show you we can make everyone look beautiful, powerful, competent and more. If you’re worried how you’ll look on camera, we’re happy to talk about any features you want to draw attention to or away from. Because ultimately, we want you walking out of our photo session feeling good about yourself.

Bring a change of clothing with you to your photo session and our photographer can provide their opinion for which outfit will flatter you the most, and what kind of message that outfit conveys to people that see your photo. Some headshots should appear formal and proper, while some people need a polished yet casual headshot. What you wear sends a message to others. Look through our portfolio for clothing inspiration. 

If you feel there is anything missing from our portfolio that you’d like to see, let us know so we can add it!

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