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Do you get nervous in front of a camera? You’re not alone. We feel scrutinized and unsure of what to do with our body, so we want to rush through headshots all while feeling worried that the photos won’t turn out well and trying to hide that worry behind a fake smile. Yikes! No wonder so many people dislike photos of themselves.

At Art of Headshots our photographer’s talent with a camera is obvious. More importantly, their natural empathy and ability to listen help ease your nerves. Once the jitters subside they’re able to make your personality shine.

Invest in your future by getting our professional branding headshots photographer to expertly capture your personality in your headshots.

“It’s never a waste of time or money to invest in yourself, no matter the source. True wealth begins inwards and emits its light outward into everything else, including the people you surround yourself with.”


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Capture your unique essence with our branding headshots service. Whether it’s at your home, office, on the sports field, performing on stage, or in our studio, we ensure your headshots radiate the best of you.

Time constraints? No worries. Some clients have hours, while others just 15 minutes. We’re dedicated to showcasing your brilliance, no matter the time. Ideally, spending 45 minutes with us lets you truly shine in photos.

With many studios in downtown locations, professionals can pop in between meetings. Plus, our tailored image optimization means your photos are web and social-media ready the moment you get them.


What our clients have Said
Cha-Cha C.
Cha-Cha C.
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I highly recommend to check this studio out! I recently got my headshot for my personal branding website. Eluvier Acosta: photographer is great, professional and he will advice you to act to your theme. This team leads by Carlos, they are working effectively & comparatively with their kind services to help translate my vision in to the images I love. Second to None in “Art of Headshots”
Louise L.
Louise L.
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We hired Art of Headshots to take our headshots and group photos.  We are a brand new law firm and wanted these photos for our website.  We opted for the branding session which includes a meeting with the photographer prior to the photoshoot to discuss our brand, vision and audience, all of which to inform the style of photos,  backgrounds etc.  We had a wonderful experience working with our photographer. He was professional, experienced and knowledgeable. We sat down and together created a planned and focused photoshoot that served our marketing purposes well. The photos are beautiful and the backgrounds he suggested turned out perfectly.  We really liked his relaxed approach during the session.  It helped us relax and look natural and authentic in the photos.  Every now and then he asked us to close our eyes and think about the business we are building, the people we will be helping etc. and then open our eyes.  He would then capture our expression.  It really brought out who we are.  It was all in all the best experience I’ve had with business photography.  I highly recommend their service and plan on asking them to do more photos for us in the future as the firm grows.
Mike P.
Mike P.
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This is my second time working with these guys to get my headshots done. This time round, it was really important to me to showcase my brand and that I am approachable with the start of my new company Level Update. As always, Carlos and his team knocked it out of the park.
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We want you to feel comfortable and prepared for what is to come. See how our branding headshots session unfolds.


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