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Do you get nervous in front of a camera? You’re not alone. We feel scrutinized and unsure of what to do with our body, so we want to rush through headshots all while feeling worried that the photos won’t turn out well and trying to hide that worry behind a fake smile. Yikes! No wonder so many people dislike photos of themselves.

At Art of Headshots our photographer’s talent with a camera is obvious. More importantly, their natural empathy and ability to listen help ease your nerves. Once the jitters subside they’re able to make your personality shine.

Invest in your future by getting our professional Regina headshots photographer to expertly capture your personality in your headshots.

What we can do for you

Regina Headshots Services

  • Corporate Headshots

    Book separate appointments for each employee at our studio, or have us come to your office to capture everyone on the same day.

  • Actor Headshots

    Includes a consultation to determine studio set up / location to accentuate the type of characters you want to be cast as

  • Team Photos

    When booking us to come to your offices, ask us to photograph your team together. A group photo on your website is a great visual representation that your team works well together.

  • Branding Photos

    Our branding headshots showcase your unique energy, whether we photograph you at home, in-action at your business or playing sports. Doing what you love convinces others to choose your business.

  • Specialized Editing

    We offer specialized editing services like Invisible backgrounds (background removal) and background replacement.

  • Social Media Headshots

    Headshots aren't only limited to corporations. We photograph headshots for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, small business websites and more.

Regina headshots

Corporate Headshots Photographer

Did you know we offer on-location headshots for businesses with 3 or more employees? Save the time of sending each employee to our studios and have our Regina headshots photographer come to your offices to photograph your employees on the same day. 

Is your business located outside of city limits? We can travel to other cities or towns to photograph businesses with more than 6 employees. Contact us for more details or to set up a date.

Individuals looking for personal, branding, or LinkedIn headshots are able to book outdoor headshots with select photographers. Enquire for more details.

Meet your photographer

Regina Headshots Experts

Regina Headshots with Fredau at Art of Headshots

Fredau Hoekstra

Fredau Hoekstra is the Regina headshots photographer for Art of Headshots. She has such an impressive background, and we’re thrilled she is part of our team.

Fredau was raised in the Netherlands, in a little town called Drachten. Naturally, living in Europe, she learned to speak Dutch, English, French and German! After working as a full time model for 10 years, travelling the globe, she settled down in Toronto where she managed a talent agency! “Needing good strong headshots for my talent, I was often not happy with the headshots that my talent provided and started taking them myself. In the process I discovered that I really enjoyed being a photographer.”

Leaving Toronto was a difficult decision, but she was surprised to learn she loves the freedom of living away from the big city, and she doesn’t want to go back. She sometimes gets nostalgic about her childhood in the Netherlands, missing the feel of the ocean breeze on her skin, the smell of salt in the air, and spending time by the water. Fredau will make any place in the world her home, finding happiness as long as she has her husband and daughter by her side. She rarely makes long term plans, preferring to do what feels right in the moment, an attitude she says serves her well in life.

Fredau has a wonderful outlook on life, wisdom, and talent. She considers herself privileged to have seen and learned how the great photographers work, and puts that knowledge to use to take beautiful photographs of her clients. You won’t regret booking a session with Fredau!


What our clients have Said
Cha-Cha C.
Cha-Cha C.
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I highly recommend to check this studio out! I recently got my headshot for my personal branding website. Eluvier Acosta: photographer is great, professional and he will advice you to act to your theme. This team leads by Carlos, they are working effectively & comparatively with their kind services to help translate my vision in to the images I love. Second to None in “Art of Headshots”
Louise L.
Louise L.
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We hired Art of Headshots to take our headshots and group photos.  We are a brand new law firm and wanted these photos for our website.  We opted for the branding session which includes a meeting with the photographer prior to the photoshoot to discuss our brand, vision and audience, all of which to inform the style of photos,  backgrounds etc.  We had a wonderful experience working with our photographer. He was professional, experienced and knowledgeable. We sat down and together created a planned and focused photoshoot that served our marketing purposes well. The photos are beautiful and the backgrounds he suggested turned out perfectly.  We really liked his relaxed approach during the session.  It helped us relax and look natural and authentic in the photos.  Every now and then he asked us to close our eyes and think about the business we are building, the people we will be helping etc. and then open our eyes.  He would then capture our expression.  It really brought out who we are.  It was all in all the best experience I’ve had with business photography.  I highly recommend their service and plan on asking them to do more photos for us in the future as the firm grows.
Mike P.
Mike P.
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This is my second time working with these guys to get my headshots done. This time round, it was really important to me to showcase my brand and that I am approachable with the start of my new company Level Update. As always, Carlos and his team knocked it out of the park.
Where to go

Regina Studio

1808 Smith St #210,
Regina, SK S4P 2N9


Art of Headshots

Regina Headshots Studio Space

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.


Behind the scenes

Sneak Peek

See how our headshot sessions progress, and how we work to make you as comfortable as possible.

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Uncommon Facts about Regina, SK

  1. Every Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer in Canada has undergone police training at Depot Division, Regina.

  2. Regina is host to Canada’s 7th largest urban park: Wascana Centre.

  3. A ghost named Howie roams the Government House.

  4. Regina is a curling sensation.

  5. Through thousands of years of hunting bison, Indigenous people stacked bison bones to honour the animals’ spirit, which is why they named the area oskana ka-asastēki, which is Cree for “the place where bones are piled up”.

  6. Regina experiences 201 days a year with the minimum temperature at or below 0 °C.

  7. Canada’s deadliest tornado killed 28 people when it ripped through Regina.

  8. Canada’s longest continuously operating orchestra is located in Regina: The Regina Symphony Orchestra.

  9. Royal Saskatchewan Museum houses the world’s largest T-Rex, Scotty.

  10. The Wascana Lake Urban Revitalization Project (aka the Big Dig) saw Wascana Lake drained and 1.3 million cubic metres of soil removed to increase the average depth to 5.5 meters. The main benefits included decreased aquatic weed growth, improved water quality, and increased the space for rowing, canoeing and paddling on the lake.

Filmed in Regina, SK

  1. Corner Gas
    Starring Brent Butt, Gabrielle Miller, Fred Ewanuick, and Eric Peterson

  2. Just Friends
    Starring Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, Anna Farris, and Chris Klein

  3. The Tall Man
    Starring Jessica Biel, Jodelle Ferland, William B. Davis, and Stephen McHattie

  4. Distorted
    Starring Christina Ricci, Brendan Fletcher, Vicellous Shannon, and John Cusack

  5. Skipped Parts
    Stars: Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Mischa Barton, Bug Hall, and Angela Featherstone


9 Famous People from Regina, SK

  1. Mark McMorris
    Two time Olympic bronze medalist (2014, 2018), Twenty time X-Games medalist

  2. Tatiana Maslany
    Award winning actress with 23 acting awards

  3. Ryan Getzlaf
    NHL hockey all-star 

  4. Lucas Markian Makowsky
    Gold medalist in team pursuit speed skating at the 2010 Olympics. 

  5. Ben Hebert
    Gold medalist in curling at the 2010 Olympics.

  6. Justin Warsylewicz
    Silver medalist in speed skating at the 2006 Olympics.

  7. Atina Ford
    Gold medalist in curling at the 1998 Olympics. 

  8. Jordan Eberle
    NHL hockey all-star.

  9. Julia Voth
    Actress & model


Regina Saskatchewan

10 Interesting things to do in Regina

Regina had so many underrated attractions, so there’s plenty to keep you entertained on your next day off!

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