Art of Headshots during COVID Times

Covid-19 Policies & Procedures

Post COVID-19 Services

COVID-19 has affected just about everybody on the planet one way or another, and Art of Headshots Studio is not exempt. Fortunately, we are all healthy and back, but the economic shutdown has decreased business substantially, but we are excited to be finally back and ready to be of service and provide a meaningful portrait to help you succeed in business, casting or any goals that are important.

We’ve had to make changes in all our studios, so whether you are looking for a session in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, Edmonton, Victoria or Ottawa. Feel free to ask us about our post-COVID 19 policies and processes. We comply to the ever changing policies regarding the safest protocols.

Risk mitigation policies

Art of Headshots has 8 locations across 6 provinces in Canada, and one location in the United States with subtle differences when it comes to COVID-19 health and safety policies. We are adhering to the procedures below as recommended by the Government of Canada in order to protect our photographers, to protect you, and to decrease the potential spread. As public health recommendations change and vaccine rates improve, our policies and procedures will update. However please email us if you have additional concerns or feel that our processes are outdated.

  • We are limiting the number of people in the studio at one time. One person and the photographer in the studio at any given time. We can stagger group sessions and complete group shots outside. This is to ensure we can maintain physical distancing and minimize the chances of exposure.
  • Use hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands upon arriving at one of our studios and follow physical distancing guidelines provided.
  • Photographers may choose to photograph with or without a mask. If the photographer is not wearing a mask, you can request they do so.
  • We request customers payments online to decrease the amount of contact. You can do so by booking online, or by paying the online invoice sent to you before your session.
  • Customers are asked to cancel the session if he/she feels any symptoms of a cold or flu, if they’ve been in contact with a positive COVID case, or have been travelling out of country within the 14 days prior to their session.


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