Canadian Veteran’s

November 9, 2015

Our Canadian Veterans to be remembered.

Thank you soldiers who came back without a scratch, to the wounded, the one’s who are hurt in ways that can’t be seen and to those who did not return.

Veterans Portrait Project honours all soldier’s since WWII in Canada with esteemed names such as Major Fairweather who was a WWII hero, our newly elected Minister of Defence Harjit Singh an Afghanistan hero.  Some privates were still in their teen years while confronted by the Taliban, other soldiers didn’t see action, but all had one thing in common, the willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice.

The World is not a perfect place, not here or abroad.  Our soldiers don’t decide which war or peacekeeping mission to partake…  Civilians can complain but soldiers have no choice, we must honour, value and be proud of our Canadian Armed Forces.


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