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The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Your Professional Headshot Session


Preparing for a professional headshot session demands clarity on its purpose, thoughtful outfit selection, and appropriate grooming to ensure the photographs authentically reflect your personal or professional image. It’s crucial to choose attire that represents you genuinely, maintain natural grooming habits, and trust your photographer to guide your expressions. 

The session’s success hinges on arriving well-rested, with clothing that fits well, and an openness to the photographer’s direction for capturing genuine expressions. 

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Key Elements to Consider While Preparing for Headshots

  1. Understanding the Purpose of Your Professional Headshot Begin by reflecting on the primary reason for your headshot session. Are you being featured in an article and need a portrait that complements your biography? Is the photo for a business’s “About” page, a program application, or the launch of a new venture? Identifying the purpose will guide your preparation and help achieve a headshot that aligns with your goals.
  2. Choosing the Right Outfit With the purpose of your session in mind, select an outfit that matches the occasion. Remember, opting for something new isn’t always the best choice. This session is an opportunity to present your genuine self at your best. For additional guidance, we offer an article titled “What to Wear on Photo Day” available at What to Wear for Headshots.

  3. Grooming Tips for Men and Women

    • Men: Avoid making drastic grooming changes right before your session, such as shaving a beard, to prevent any rash or discomfort. Your goal is to look like your authentic self.
    • Women: There’s no necessity to visit a hairdresser or makeup artist unless it’s important to you. If you’re not planning to see a professional, consider bringing a makeup kit. And if you typically don’t wear makeup, feel free to skip it for the session. The key is to bring your best self, comfortably.
  4. The Night Before Your Session No need to practice poses or expressions; you’re meeting with professionals skilled at eliciting natural expressions through engaging interactions. Simply ensure your chosen clothing is ironed and prepared. A good night’s sleep is your best preparation; leave the rest to us.

  5. Day of the Session: What to Bring and What to Expect If you’re confident about your outfit choice, wear it to the session. Otherwise, bring a few options for discussion with your photographer. It’s crucial that your clothing fits well, reflecting your current size, not from years past. We aim to create a fun and genuine experience, guiding you to express your most authentic self.

  6. Post-Session Process Within four business days, you’ll receive your selected image(s) professionally retouched, along with a gallery of all other images. Sometimes, just one image is all you need. This process ensures you have access to the best representation of yourself.

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I wasn’t succeeding with my old headshot until ‘Art of Headshots’. My first audition I landed a role in Pirates of the Caribbean, my second audition it was X-Files and my career started… Now I have a role in Altered Carbon and a career as a film actor.

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