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Headshot Services

Corporations • Actors • Individuals

Gallery Delivery

Individual and Actor session images will be delivered via an online gallery 2 business days after your photo date. Pick your favourite shots, and your edited headshots will be delivered 5 business days later.

We offer rush editing services if you need them sooner.

Editing Services

All images are given our standard retouching services with contrast, brightness, and colour enhancements, white balance adjustments, and removal of minor skin blemishes.

We offer advanced retouching services which, in addition to the above, also include correcting skin imperfections, remove stray hairs, lighten wrinkles, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, and more!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to feel secure in booking with us. We are extremely selective with which photographers we bring into our family. We choose talented photographers with the ability to bring your personality out in photos.

However, if you are not happy with your headshots then we will re-shoot for free, no questions asked.


Headshot Sessions

Branding Session

$ 360

Includes consultation for branding identity

  • Up to 75 minutes
  • Studio, outdoors*, or both
  • Up to three outfits
  • 60-100 shots
  • 3 edited images in 4 optimizations (colour and B&W: web and print sizes)
  • Advanced retouching

Promotional Session

$ 195

Studio headshots

  • Up to 45 minutes
  • Studio backdrop
  • One outfit
  • 30-45 shots
  • 1 edited image in 2 optimizations (colour: web and print sizes)
  • Standard retouching

*Outdoor locations will be determined in consultation with your photographer.


Headshot Sessions


Headshot Sessions

Please call us to discuss your corporation’s needs if our packages below don’t fit your requirements. We merge our style with each corporation’s culture and branding, so send us your specifications if they’ve changed or you haven’t worked with us before.

3-10 Employees

$ 135 employee

For your first 10 employees

  • 1-20 minutes
  • One outfit
  • Choose from 15-30 shots
  • 1 full colour edited image
  • Custom photo specifications
  • High resolution & web resolution images


$ 0

Ask questions

  • We are more than happy to discuss your corporate photo needs, before you commit to booking a session with us. Book a time here for a phone or video call, or call us at 1-888-212-8112

Choose a time


When you need a little more

Invisible background

$ 35 image

Remove background

  • Remove photo backdrops
  • Receive headshots with an invisible backdrop
  • Please inform us prior to your session so we can photograph accordingly


$ 30 Image

Professional photo editing

  • All basic edits, plus:
  • Remove blemishes
  • Erase stray hairs
  • Fix skin imperfections
  • Lighten wrinkles
  • Brighten eyes
  • Whiten teeth
  • and more!


$ 90-200

Professional makeup

  • one look
  • pricing dependent on location

Looking for the perfect gift?

Gift Certificates

Is your friend starting out their business and in need of some personal banding photos for their website? Do you know someone that could use professional photos to improve their LinkedIn profile? We’ve got you covered with the perfect gift idea!

Behind the Scenes

You can expect a welcoming and open atmosphere at your Art of Headshots session with all of our talented photographers. Take a peek at what you can expect at your next headshot session with us.

Have you ever thought about what you value? It seems like a simple question, but if you were to list the five most important things or people in your life right now, what or who would be on that list? This isn’t a trick question. It isn’t about me judging you if you have a “thing” on your list. While I believe humans are immensely valuable, I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to put an object on your list. When you ask this question to students, you get a wide variety of answers. You get the ones that are maybe more object focused, the ones that you’re pretty sure have being the Crazy Cat Lady as their life goal, the ones who think long and hard about what is going into those spots, and the ones that want to ruin your demonstration (seriously, who would naturally list oxygen).

If you really want to make them squirm, have them mark items off their list one at a time. They experience the stages of grief. They start by bargaining. “Do I really need to get rid of one? I mean, it’s just an example. Can I just say ‘family’ and free up one spot instead of listing ‘mom’ and ‘dad’?” Then comes anger. “I can’t believe you are making me do this. I hate you!” Denial normally hits after that. “I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear that.” Then comes sadness. “I just can’t do this anymore. Is class almost over?” Finally, acceptance sets in, and we have to go through it all again when I have them mark another item off, until we get to just one thing. That one thing left on the list will look different for everyone. It may be a car, a family member, an ability or even a goal. But whatever is left on that list, it is the most important thing about that person. That’s what has their attention. Their focus.

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Book an appointment with Art of Headshots using Setmore

Book an appointment with Art of Headshots using Setmore

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