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Headshot Session

Branding Headshots

$ 360

Full service with consultation for branding identity

  • Choose studio, organic or both background & styles
  • Up to three looks ( wardrobe)
  • Discretionary rights of all images with download link to all images
  • Tethered session ( Toronto and Vancouver )
  • 5 edited Shots in 4 optimizations ( colour and b&w- web and print sizes)

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Actor’s Headshots

$ 360

Headshots for Casting

  • Location, studio or both
  • Fully Guaranteed to your satisfaction
  • Various looks and stages
  • 5 edited headshots optimized for printing and web

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Standard Session

$ 250

3 Looks – outdoor or studio

  • 50 to 100 shots
  • Up to 3 looks
  • Review of Images during the session
  • 2 edited headshots in 6 optimizations

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Corporate Account

$ 135 Corporate Account

Corporate Account Session

  • Minimum of 3 participants
  • Match corporate branding
  • Perfect for new staffing
  • Up to 2 looks
  • Twenty minutes ( Free Parking in Vancouver )

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Group Portrait Sessions

Please call us to discuss your corporation needs we have helped many large sized offices by merging our style with each corporations culture and branding.



Video Bio

$ 95 add on

Video Bio

  • 4K high resolution footage plus Facebook live
  • Question and answer’s determine by your own friends and family
  • Available only as an add on to headshot session
  • No editing


Hair & Makeup

$ 135

Professional Makeup

  • One look


Book an appointment with Art of Headshots using SetMore

Have you ever thought about what you value? It seems like a simple question, but if you were to list the five most important things or people in your life right now, what or who would be on that list? This isn’t a trick question. It isn’t about me judging you if you have a “thing” on your list. While I believe humans are immensely valuable, I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to put an object on your list. When you ask this question to students, you get a wide variety of answers. You get the ones that are maybe more object focused, the ones that you’re pretty sure have being the Crazy Cat Lady as their life goal, the ones who think long and hard about what is going into those spots, and the ones that want to ruin your demonstration (seriously, who would naturally list oxygen). If you really want to make them squirm, have them mark items off their list one at a time. They experience the stages of grief. They start by bargaining. “Do I really need to get rid of one? I mean, it’s just an example. Can I just say ‘family’ and free up one spot instead of listing ‘mom’ and ‘dad’?” Then comes anger. “I can’t believe you are making me do this. I hate you!” Denial normally hits after that. “I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear that.” Then comes sadness. “I just can’t do this anymore. Is class almost over?” Finally, acceptance sets in, and we have to go through it all again when I have them mark another item off, until we get to just one thing. That one thing left on the list will look different for everyone. It may be a car, a family member, an ability or even a goal. But whatever is left on that list, it is the most important thing about that person. That’s what has their attention. Their focus.

Art of Headshots, sample session

This is a sample of an Art of Headshots session by Carlos Taylhardat in his downtown studio.

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