Calgary delivers plenty of Western Canada character to the world, from the famous annual Calgary Stampede to the city’s playful and “work hard” attitude, so having a strong headshot photograph is essential to succeeding—and looking good in the process—in Cowtown. A storied city located right on the Bow and Elbow Rivers, Calgary is not all just fun and games thanks to a leading energy sector and a strong corporate downtown culture. With so many opportunities to make your mark on such a confident city, a strong, professional headshot to go along with a little cowboy confidence of your own will go a long way to taking Calgary by the horns.

Managing Photographer

Massi Mirshekari is a skillful and passionate portrait-headshot photographer who is making a strong dent in the Calgary photography scene. She is highly adept at beautiful and professional-looking headshots to help Calgarians put their best face forward. She is the right person to manage the Art of Headshots Calgary location, and locals will feel at ease with her warm and inviting photography sessions and impressed with her skills on how to take a headshot!


131 9th Avenue SW #101
Calgary, AB, T2P 1K1


Calgary ( Cow Town ), Alberta

Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts about Calgary

1- Calgary’s nickname is Cow Town.
2 – Calgary is the cleanest city in the world albeit a Cow Town, Calgarians are clean.
3 – Hundred and twenty languages are spoken in Cow Town ( Calgary ) due to its ethnic diversity.
4 – The sunniest city in Canada with over 2600 hours of sunshine every year.
5 – Calgary is famous for its Chinook where a day may reach temperatures as low as 5 degrees celsius and in an hour rise to 20 degrees or vice versa.

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