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Headshot Photographer

Ben Pearman

Photography was a love for Ben, sparked while he was a high school student, using his camera phone to take pictures of friends while hiking in the Rockies. Fascinated by the beauty of the things around him and how he would be able to preserve the images.

Eventually, he rented a DSLR camera from his high school and brought it out on weekends. “This is when I started learning the technical fundamentals of photography…”

His passion progressed and centred around the human subject. “Specifically, I like to photograph people doing the things they are passionate about whatever that may be. I believe people reveal their inner emotions when they are immersed in their passions.”, expressed Ben. We have noticed his passion for photography from the first day I hired him to today. “I’ve learned that the thing I love most about travelling is the people I meet. You would be surprised how much two people can communicate while speaking different languages.”

“It took me a long time to really understand what makes a great photo, especially in the digital age when we are constantly bombarded with good photos on our phones, computers, social media etc. As the ability to take good photos has become accessible to anyone with a smartphone, the bar that sets apart good photos from exceptional ones gets higher and higher.”

Ben’s work has been featured online by Gripped Magazine, Arc’Teryx, Canadian Mountain Holidays, The Alpine Club of Canada, and a few other organizations. He has won awards such as the Alpine Club of Canada’s Presidents Trophy, The Mount Royal Ecotourism Film Festival’s Photo of The Year, and the Arc’Teryx Calgary Grand Opening Photo Competition.

“While winning awards is great, the photographic achievement I’m most proud of is hosting the first ever Outdoor Adventure Art & Photography Gallery at Mount Royal University. This was an incredible experience for me because it brought together so many people all with a different creative passion. The gallery gave many students a platform to show their work in the real world where they could talk to people face to face about their creative process and how they developed their work”.

Ben’s other accolades include designing the first photography course at the Grasby Art Studio in Calgary and our recent client satisfaction which has been a delightful opportunity to work alongside a photographer destined for greatness.


131 9th Avenue SW #140
Calgary, AB, T2P 1K1


Calgary delivers plenty of Western Canada character to the world, from the famous annual Calgary Stampede to the city’s playful and “work hard” attitude, so having a strong headshot photograph is essential to succeeding—and looking good in the process—in Cowtown. A storied city located right on the Bow and Elbow Rivers, Calgary is not all just fun and games thanks to a leading energy sector and a strong corporate downtown culture. With so many opportunities to make your mark on such a confident city, a strong, professional headshot to go along with a little cowboy confidence of your own will go a long way to taking Calgary by the horns.

Calgary ( Cow Town ), Alberta

Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts about Calgary

1- Calgary’s nickname is Cow Town.
2 – Calgary is the cleanest city in the world albeit a Cow Town, Calgarians are clean.
3 – Hundred and twenty languages are spoken in Cow Town ( Calgary ) due to its ethnic diversity.
4 – The sunniest city in Canada with over 2600 hours of sunshine every year.
5 – Calgary is famous for its Chinook where a day may reach temperatures as low as 5 degrees celsius and in an hour rise to 20 degrees or vice versa.

Calgary Services

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• Branding and Social-Media Headshots
• Company Headshots
• Corporate Headshots
• Event Photographs
• LinkedIn Headshots
• Professional Headshots

Movies and TV shows filmed in Calgary

Actor Headshots Calgary

Are you a professional actor seeking to be discovered? Calgary has had an amazing film and television industry that stands out to Toronto and Vancouver. Here is a list of five internationally acclaimed movies and television show’s;

1 Brokeback Mountain
Filmed in Calgary and Metro Calgary regions starring Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger.

2 Inception
Filmed in Alberta’s Fortress Mountain led by Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Christopher Nolan.

3 Legend of the Fall
Morley and Banff were used to emulate Montana wilderness, starring Brad Pitt.

4 Intersellar
Locations filmed include Okotoks, Fort MacLeod, Longview and Canmore. Starring Mathew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway making it a return to Calgary by Christopher Nolan.

5 Game of Thrones
An Albertan Wolf named Quigley played Jon Snow’s dire wolf Ghost, while some of his scenes were filmed in Calgary on local sound stages. Arya Stark played by Maisie Williams filmed part of season seven in Banff with wolves.

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