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Art of Headshots Ottawa Studio

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Headshot Photographer in Ottawa – David produces portraits to help you succeed in business, acting and engage with your customer through your professional profile. Our distinct style for producing a portrait helps one’s personal brand.

You’re beautiful energy is our tagline, because we believe that a great headshot is all about one’s energy.

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History of Ottawa

by Art of Headshots Portrait Studio

Odaawaa /oʊˈdɒwə/ meant “traders” named by the Algonquian language family. This was a large family of smaller tribal groups which would be a dialect of Ojibwe. This land was habited by the Ojibwe and Potawatomi peoples.

In 1613 it would be called Wrightstown and in 1854 the railway reached Bytown adjacent to Wrightstown, in 1855 it would be incorporated as a city with a new name – Ottawa. In 1857 Queen Victoria deemed Ottawa the capital of Canada.

Today, Ottawa is a flourished city short of 1 million inhabitants with residents speaking English and French living in harmony blocks of each other while proudly bearing a variation of the Algonquian word trade Odaawaa now translated to Ottawa.

Weare proud to service Ottawa’s by providing headshot services to help individuals and corporations to brand themselves through our distinct process and technologies. Looking forward towards making a difference.

Ottawa facts

some not common knowledge

1 – Ottawa is the Capital of Canada

2 – Yousuf Karsh lived at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier in downtown Ottawa where celebrities and dignitaries from all over the World would fly to be photographed by him. Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Muhammad Ali, John Kennedy and Nelson Mandela are but a few of the thousand’s of celebrities who travelled to Ottawa to get Karsh’d.

3 – The name Ottawa comes from the Algonquin word Adawe – which means to trade.

4 – Metropolitan Ottawa includes the city of Gatineau which is in Quebec and mainly French-speaking so within 15 minutes drive one community may speak English while the other speaks French, only.

5 – Other famous people who lived in Ottawa include Tom Cruise ( attended High School ), Dan Akroyd, Sandra Oh, Tom Green and Alanis Morisette to mention but a few names of an extensive list.

Famous People

born or raised in Ottawa

You might be surprised the following list of people were either born or raised in Ottawa;

1. Sandra Oh, known as Christina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy and Rita Wu in Killing Eve. I project a future Academy Awar.

2. Dan Aykroyd, born Daniel Edward Aykroyd best know for Saturday Night Live, Blue Brothers and my favourite Trading Places.

3. Keshia Chanté, a singer and songwriter.

4. Yousuf Karsh, arguably the best portrait photographer that has ever lived. He Photographed dignitaries and movie stars around the globe.

5. Tom Cruise, spent his younger days in the Beacon Hill area in Ottawa. He attended Henry Munro Middle School for grade 6 before moving back to the USA after his parents split. Best known for movie hits such as Top Gun, The Last Samurai, Mission Impossible amongst a list of extensive box office list where he has been top from 1981 until now. My favourite was Risky Business in 1983 – where I learned that “sometimes you just have to say, What the fuck and seize the moment”.

Tom Cruise Casting for the Outsiders in 1982

Courtesy youtube citareaat03

Sandra Oh on Saturday Night Live, global tv and abc news.

Courtesy youtube cbc and global news

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