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Do you get nervous in front of a camera? You’re not alone. We feel scrutinized and unsure of what to do with our body, so we want to rush through headshots all while feeling worried that the photos won’t turn out well and trying to hide that worry behind a fake smile. Yikes! No wonder so many people dislike photos of themselves.

At Art of Headshots our photographer’s talent with a camera is obvious. More importantly, their natural empathy and ability to listen help ease your nerves. Once the jitters subside they’re able to make your personality shine.

Invest in your future by getting our professional Ottawa headshots photographer to expertly capture your personality in your headshots.

What we can do for you

Ottawa Headshots Services

  • Corporate Headshots

    Book separate appointments for each employee at our studio, or have us come to your office to capture everyone on the same day.

  • Actor Headshots

    Includes a consultation to determine studio set up / location to accentuate the type of characters you want to be cast as

  • Team Photos

    When booking us to come to your offices, ask us to photograph your team together. A group photo on your website is a great visual representation that your team works well together.

  • Branding Photos

    A picture may be worth a thousand words, but with a branding headshot session we can cultivate which words are conveyed. Guide the narrative with a branding headshot session.

  • Specialized Editing

    We offer specialized editing services like Invisible backgrounds (background removal) and background replacement.

  • Social Media Headshots

    Headshots aren't only limited to corporations. We photograph headshots for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, small business websites and more.

Ottawa headshots

Corporate Headshots Photographer

Did you know we offer on-location headshots for businesses with 3 or more employees? Save the time of sending each employee to our studios and have our Ottawa headshots photographer come to your offices to photograph your employees on the same day. 

Is your business located outside of city limits? We can travel to other cities or towns to photograph businesses with more than 6 employees. Contact us for more details or to set up a date.

Individuals looking for personal, branding, or LinkedIn headshots are able to book outdoor headshots with select photographers. Enquire for more details.

Meet your photographer

Ottawa Headshots Experts

Eva Wong

Eva's photography journey started when her father gifted her a film camera to distract her from her then dream of becoming a portrait artist. Eva's parents had big wishes for her to drop into a more traditional career as a doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc. but her joy of photography took her in another direction. After taking classes in university, and being hired as her Uncle's wedding photographer, she had an inkling that photography would be her career one day.


Eva's life has taken her across the globe. Born in Fiji, and then raised in Oregon, Eva eventually applied for a scholarship to spend some of her university years studying abroad in China. Here she learned mandarin and also worked for the Canadian Embassy in Beijing. After her time abroad she moved to Canada and worked for Statistics Canada. Eva has the travel bug with dreams of traveling across the globe.


Eva is a single mother to 3 loving children ages 5-14. She dedicates her personal time making sure her kids have the best physical and emotional upbringing to grow into healthy, well adjusted young adults. Once a month Eva does standup comedy to flex her comedic chops, and she's planning on using her wry sense of humor to write a book about her incredible life's journey. We've barely scratched the surface on Eva's accomplishments, so we think this book is going to fly off the shelves.


Along with a supportive business partner, Eva runs a newly renovated studio with 5 photography sets. Her resilience and passion for photography has kept her studio alive despite the interruptions in business due to COVID shutdowns and the severe storm in early 2022 that flooded her studio. Eva will do whatever it takes to keep photography in her life while also financially providing for herself and her kids. Eva's strong, empathetic, and resilient personality makes her a wonderful addition to the Art of Headshots family. Her introverted personality allows her to really listen and observe clients like you to bring out the best of you in your headshots.


What our clients have Said
Cha-Cha C.
Cha-Cha C.
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I highly recommend to check this studio out! I recently got my headshot for my personal branding website. Eluvier Acosta: photographer is great, professional and he will advice you to act to your theme. This team leads by Carlos, they are working effectively & comparatively with their kind services to help translate my vision in to the images I love. Second to None in “Art of Headshots”
Louise L.
Louise L.
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We hired Art of Headshots to take our headshots and group photos.  We are a brand new law firm and wanted these photos for our website.  We opted for the branding session which includes a meeting with the photographer prior to the photoshoot to discuss our brand, vision and audience, all of which to inform the style of photos,  backgrounds etc.  We had a wonderful experience working with our photographer. He was professional, experienced and knowledgeable. We sat down and together created a planned and focused photoshoot that served our marketing purposes well. The photos are beautiful and the backgrounds he suggested turned out perfectly.  We really liked his relaxed approach during the session.  It helped us relax and look natural and authentic in the photos.  Every now and then he asked us to close our eyes and think about the business we are building, the people we will be helping etc. and then open our eyes.  He would then capture our expression.  It really brought out who we are.  It was all in all the best experience I’ve had with business photography.  I highly recommend their service and plan on asking them to do more photos for us in the future as the firm grows.
Mike P.
Mike P.
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This is my second time working with these guys to get my headshots done. This time round, it was really important to me to showcase my brand and that I am approachable with the start of my new company Level Update. As always, Carlos and his team knocked it out of the park.
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I was born in the Ottawa General Hospital right after the Gray Cup Football Game in 1939. Six months later, I was backpacked into the Quebec bush. I grew up in and out of the bush, in and out of Ottawa

— Margaret Atwood

Behind the scenes

Sneak Peek

See how our headshot sessions progress, and how we work to make you as comfortable as possible.

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Uncommon Facts about Ottawa, ON

  1. The name Ottawa comes from the Algonquin word Adawe – which means to trade.

  2. Yousuf Karsh lived at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier in downtown Ottawa where celebrities and dignitaries from all over the World would fly to be photographed by him. Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Muhammad Ali, John Kennedy and Nelson Mandela are but a few of the thousand’s of celebrities who travelled to Ottawa to get Karsh’d.

  3. Ottawa is located on unceded traditional Algonquin Anishinabe territory.

  4. Queen Victoria chose Ottawa to be the capital city of Canada, over contenders Kingston, Montreal, and Toronto.

  5. Metropolitan Ottawa includes the city of Gatineau which is in Quebec and mainly French-speaking so within 15 minutes drive one community may speak English while the other speak only French.

  6. Ottawa’s most famous festival – the Canadian Tulip Festival – was established from a gift from the Netherlands. Canada helped liberate the Netherlands during World War II.

  7. Our Government declared Netherlands Crown Princess Juliana’s maternity suite in Ottawa extraterritorial during birth so that newborn Princess Margriet was born on “Dutch soil” to lawfully give her status as heir to the throne.

  8. Any Canadian resident can get on a free waiting list to receive one of the Canadian Flags that was flown on top of the Peace Tower in Ottawa for a day.

  9. Ottawa is home to the longest skating rink in the world (7.8km), which has also been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site: The Rideau Canal

  10. In 2021 Ottawa gained recognition for its talent becoming  a top 10 talent hub of North America. Ottawa has more scientists, engineers and PhD’s per capita than any other city in Canada. 

Filmed in Ottawa, ON

Not to be forgotten in the film industry, Ottawa has had a few notable items filmed here.

  1. The Sum of All Fears (2002)
    Starring Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman and Ian Mongrain.

  2. Batman & Robin (1997)
    Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney and Uma Thurman.

  3. Alien: Resurrection (1997)
    Starring Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder and Ron Perlman.

  4. House at the End of the Street (2012)
    Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Shue and Max Thieriot.

  5. Mr. Nobody (2009)
    Starring Sarah Polley, Jared Leto and Linh Dan.

8 Famous People Born in Calgary, AB

Canda’s Capital city Ottawa has had many famous people grow up and become movie stars, famous photographer or dignitaries. Here are five famous productions filmed in Ottawa for acting headshots;

  1. Sandra Oh
    Actress (Killing Eve, Grey’s Anatomy)

  2. Dan AykroydActor, comedian, writer, producer & musician

  3. Keshia Chanté
    TV personality, actress, singer & songwriter.

  4. Yousuf Karsh 
    arguably the best portrait photographer that has ever lived. He Photographed dignitaries and movie stars around the globe.

  5. Jay Baruchel
    Actor, director, screenwriter & comedian

  6. Justin Trudeau
    Our current prime minister

  7. Margaret Atwood
    Poet, novelist, literary critic, teacher & inventor!

Ottawa Ontario

Sandra Oh shows her Canadian pride

Darling Sandra Oh shows off her Canadian heritage during her Saturday Night Live performance.

Ottawa Ontario

Tom Cruise talks about his legacy

Tom Cruise shares his love for acting and making movies, and how he views his legacy in the film industry. Contact our Ottawa headshots photographer for casting headshots.

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