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Before booking

Do you take custom photo & lighting specifications?
We regularly work with agencies with unique background, lighting, cropping, and resolution specifications. 

We’ve photographed dentists for an agency that gave us a 20 page  manual with their specifications and branding. We’ve also created multiple sized final images for our clients, removed the existing background to create invisible backdrops, and inserted custom backdrops in editing.

Set up a free consultation to outline your needs and we will match your exact requirements making it a seamless merger of styles.

How long do appointments take?

Our pricing page outlines the length of each of our session types. In the spirit of efficiency our session times range from 3-20 minutes for corporate sessions to 45-90 minutes for personal or individual sessions.

Do you photograph in studio only?

Depending on your needs, we may work exclusively outdoors, indoors or a combination of both. Contact us if our packages don’t meet your needs and we can create a custom quote.

I hate photo sessions, why should I choose you?

There are so many reasons why people hate photos, ranging from being uncomfortable in front of the camera – to not liking how you look – to finding it a waste of time.

While we can’t promise rainbows and sunshine during your session, we can promise our photographers will do everything in their power make you feel as comfortable as possible under the circumstances and to be efficient with your time. You’ll have the opportunity to see the photos part way through the session, and we’ll make adjustments in poses based on what you do or don’t like.

Often, clients will leave the session saying that it was painless and fun. We’ve even gotten emails from spouses complementing the great headshot.

Can I gift a session?

We offer gift certificates for all occasions. Perfect for online branding when your friend is starting their own business or your child is starting their job hunt online and needs a high quality LinkedIn photo.

How soon will I get my images?

After your photo session you will receive your gallery of unedited images within 3 business days. You will receive your edited images within 5 photo days after selection.

If you need your edited image sooner than that, please select “Rush Delivery” add on when booking your appointment.

Before your session

What should I wear?

We have a detailed guide to help you choose the perfect photo outfit here. We include both general and industry specific clothing tips, as well as useful items to bring to your appointment.

Should I research poses and ideas?

Having some ideas and pose suggestions can be helpful if there is something you’re specifically looking for but it’s not necessary. We want you to come in fresh and willing to try lots of different styles and poses. Sometimes, the oddest pose and location becomes the chosen shot.

What can I expect during a session?

Each session is a little different from the last, but you can expect to have some time to check over your appearance, spend some time chatting and some time shooting in the studio. Depending on your package, remaining time, and weather conditions, we may spend some time shooting outdoors.

I heard that you ask a lot of questions during the session...why?

Our photo philosophy is to capture more than your appearance, we want to capture the essence of you. We want to know whether it is your latest project, hobby, family or pet that brings fulfillment to your life. We ask questions aimed at encouraging your distinction and essence.

However, this approach isn’t for everyone. We have had great success photographing clients who didn’t want to speak at all.

What are your health and safety protocols?

Even with different locations relaxing their COVID protocols, we are more than happy to accommodate all comfort levels regarding safety protocols. You can ask any of our photographers to wear a mask during your session if they are not already wearing one. Read more about our COVID protocols.

After your session

How long until I receive my images?

2 business days after your appointment you will receive a private, online gallery of unedited photos.

5 business days after you choose your favorite pictures we will send you the edited images.

Can I get my images sooner?

We offer a next day turn around option to those that need their images sooner than 7 business days. Select Rush Delivery as an add-on when booking your appointment.

You will choose your favorite images with your photographer during your appointment, and we will send you the edited headshot by 9am the next business day. Should you forget to add the Rush Delivery to your appointment, reach out as early as possible at

Are my images edited?

You initial gallery will be the images as shot. Once you choose your favorite images your headshots will receive retouching services that include

  • contrast, brightness, and color enhancements
  • white balance adjustments
  • removal of minor skin blemishes
  • stray hair removal
  • brighten eyes

If you want advanced editing, you may reach out to request a custom editing quote.

What if I don’t like my photos?

We want you to feel secure in booking with us. We are extremely selective with which photographers we bring into our family. We choose talented photographers with the ability to bring your personality out in photos.

However, if you are not happy with your headshots then we will re-shoot for free, no questions asked.

Can I use my headshot for anything I need?

You get discretionary usage of your headshots. We send you headshots with various optimization to ensure you have all the tools for your branding needs.


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