Why do I Photograph so Badly

I hate getting my photos taken

“I want you to know that I hate getting my photos taken”, often are the first few words clients say upon entering my room and I respond with “Hating getting photos taken is my favourite problem to resolve, I built a career of resolving this problem… Today, you are about to experience something different”. 

“Wow, I never imagined this would be possible.  I don’t mind ( I like or I Love ) the portraits you showed me on the iPad…  It’s the first time I actually like my pictures”, is often the common response upon leaving our branding session – How do we manage to satisfy customers with a lifetime of unsatisfied portraits of themselves?

“Why do I hate headshots” was a blog written by me a year ago.  We covered reasons why people hate headshots.  The following are some of our client’s experiences to help you understand why we resolve the “why do I photograph so badly” syndrome.  The short answer is we produce portraits that are felt rather than viewed, our headshots are alive and true.














“Why do you have, such a big picture printed of you?”, asked the wife of an Afghanistan veteran.  “It’s because I am a Veteran of Afghanistan” explained a soldier who had recently returned from his 2yrs tour of Afghanistan and was one of the Veteran’s picked for our Veteran’s Portrait Project of soldiers who toured WWII right through the latest Afghanistan and Iraq…  “Oh, my God!” said his Wife as tears subsided.  Somehow watching his portrait printed 20” by 36” during the Remembrance Day it ignited sanctimonious pride for her husband “you are a war hero” as she felt his portrait.

“When I was in grade 8, I watched a boy being bullied, day after day – for weeks!  One day I decided to do something about it…” my client had never told anyone his story.  Later we realized that this event had changed his life.  He had become the kind of person who stands up to bullies!  Because he visualized and re-experienced the events in his mind he ended up looking like Clark Kent transforming to Superman.  His portrait was alive

“It sounds like you found your purpose, Carlos” replied a client who is re-writing processes for dealing with substance abuse.  He went to care for substance abuse when his previous career and marriage were on a brink of destruction.  Later he decided to return to School, get a Ph.D. in Psychology run a treatment center.  Today, he will change the treatment philosophy for substance abuse…  As I typed the previous word’s my assistant was photo retouching his headshot, destined to become the back-book cover of a book that will change the lives of people.  He is on a true mission.

Headshot so Elizabeth by Carlos at Art of Headshots

“Why do I photograph so badly”, asked a recent actor.  “Maybe it’s something deep that re-occurred years upon years and now – you believe it.  Today, I want you to know it’s going to be different! We will talk about the things that are important in your life”.

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