Another Reason for Promoting yourself through Headshots

June 9, 2010

Fame 101

Formulating a branding plan is the first rule of virtually every notable personality. From US – President Barrack Obama to Ellen De Generes.

“The common thread of success among ( celebrities ) is the fame formula,” notes Maggee Jessup, co-author of Fame 101, a book dedicated to professional success secrets. ” They packaged their expertise into compelling personal brands to celebrity-hungry target communities.”

Due to their experience in their own publicity/branding boutique platform strategy. Everyone from start-up gurus and scientists to actors, authors, lawyers and royalty have utilized their services with great success.

“People who promote and publicize their personal brand enjoy three strong benefits: Greater visibility, enhance credibility and increased income,” notes Jay, reiterating that victory relies on increasing a familiar friendly visage ( headshots ).

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