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Have you ever thought about professional retouching for your headshots? Professional editing is an opportunity to make good portraits into great headshots, and not for becoming someone else.

Here at Art of Headshots we offer two tiers of photo retouching. Our standard retouching services are for those who want to keep their portrait “as is”. We enhance the look of your image by adjusting contrast, making colours pop (except when actors portraying darker characters), brightening the areas that need to stand out, and making adjustments to other settings.

We also have an advanced retouching service, where we enhance the features you want (like eyes) and reduce unwanted items (like wrinkles). The following is what you can expect and request with our advanced photo retouching service.

Each image is retouched one-by-one, with each setting being adjusted by hand. We don’t rely on filter to accomplish the work, because the results are just not comparable.


Make your portrait more engaging

We aim to increase engagement in our portraits through our distinct retouching process that subtlety sharpens your eyes. We want the viewers attention to be ensnared by your eyes because, as the old saying goes, the eyes are the portal of the soul.

Sometimes our retouching includes blurring the background to help you really stand out in your headshot.


Blemish Removal

A bad day from shaving? Acne? Rosacea? No problem we will eliminate those spots you’d rather others not see and colour correct your image to perfection.


We will delicately tone down wrinkles or partially eliminate them. However, what we can’t do is make a 60 yr old look like a 20 yrs old. You shouldn’t want this either, because your headshots reflect the best of you at this time. You don’t want to mislead potential employers or business partners with a headshot of you when you were 20 years younger because it throws others off and potentially wonder if you’re hiding something.

We photo-retouch by hand, the hard way rather than relying on filter to accomplish the work.


Removing Glare and Distractions

Some glasses glare more than others and it may need a retouching session to eliminate distractions. Sometimes you may feel your skin looks too shiny, or someone walks behind you during an outdoor but that photo is your favourite expression. These are items that we can fix or eliminate for you.

Retouching isn’t just for vanity

Please consider that photo-retouching is an opportunity to help you draw your best and not an opportunity to make you become someone else. There is a perception out there that only people obsessed with their appearance retouch their image. This simply isn’t true. Almost all social media, magazine, television images and videos receive the retouching treatment. Removing a blemish from a photo you will use for a few years to represent yourself professionally isn’t being vain. You are allowed to present the best version of yourself to the world.

We offer retouching for all our headshot services

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