Retouching Professional Headshot

August 29, 2019

0318Angelique Meyer WEB
Headshot of Angelique Meher in Gastown.

Did you have a headshot session and received a proofing gallery, to choose a portrait for retouching? Consider that professional editing is an opportunity to make good portraits into great headshots, and not for becoming someone else.

We will enhance the features you want – like eyes and emotional expression and reduce unwanted items. More important the photo retouching and editing is an opportunity to improve the image. The following are what one should expect and request in photo retouching;

Make Portrait more engaging

Retouching to improve engagement in a portrait through our distinct processes by subtlety sharpening eyes, so the viewer will see your eyes, prominently because the old saying the eyes are the portal of the soul.

Sunshine Portrait by Patrick Hodgson

Other tools used in retouching include blurring and saturation of colours to help you become more engaging.

Blemish Removal

A bad day from shaving? Acne? Rosacea? No problem we will eliminate and colour correct to perfection.


We will delicately tone down wrinkles or eliminate them, what we won’t do is make a 60 yrs old look like a 20 yrs old, you shouldn’t want that either.

We photo-retouch by hand, the hard way rather than relying on filter to accomplish the work.

Removing Glare and Distractions

Some glasses glare more than others and it may need a retouching session to eliminate distractions. Sometimes we may photograph a portion of the lights, or have someone walk by during an outdoor.

Please consider that photo-retouching is an opportunity to help you draw your best and not an opportunity to make become someone else.

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