Corporate Photography Services

January 19, 2022

Corporate photography services encompass a few different individual services, but at its most basic level provide headshots of your team members, and possibly a group shot. So why should you invest in corporate photography, and how do you pick the right photographer?

What makes a Corporate Photography Service worthwhile?

As your company’s representative, you want to be able to explain to your company why you chose a specific photographer over another one. The best corporate photography services provide:

  1. An inspiring final product
  2. A return on investment
  3. Trained headshot photographers
  4. Excellent service
  5. Rights of usage
Corporate Photography Services by Will O'hare

Headshots of your team help sell services by inspiring recurring and future clients to work with your team.

Branding expenses are hard to evaluate because it takes time to witness the ROI effects. Some of our clients have told us how surprised they were by the overwhelmingly positive responses from their customers.

Getting a good headshot is more than taking a photo with a quality camera. Trained headshot photographers will take the time to ensure your clothing and jewelry is straightened out, the lighting is perfect, and will know how to connect with you to bring out natural expressions.

At times, photographers might not be equipped to provide you with the all of the excellent services you deserve. Some photographers might be fantastic with a camera, but they take days to respond to your emails, or their editing skills could use improvement. We have staff dedicated to providing you prompt and quality service before and after you work with our photographers.

Some photographers may charge you additional costs for using images in certain ways. Wedding and Product Photographers are taught to charge clients for rights to use their photos in advertising, contests, and more. The right headshot photographers will allow your corporation or business to use the portraits in any manner you see as necessary.

How to research Corporate Photography Services

Consider how you will be using your corporate photographs. Is it for a presentation, about us page, LinkedIn, Instagram, or an editorial? If it’s for a website or a presentation, consult with your web designer or editor about style then research photographers online to look for the following:

Corporate headshot by Carlos
  • Style – Do you like the style of images seen in the portfolio?
  • Variety – It is so easy for photographers to fill their portfolio with images of young individuals that could be models. Does the photographer also have experience photographing regular people, from the middle age and elder members to those of differing body shapes? Ask them if you don’t see it on their website.
  • Social proof – Read a few reviews online to a gist of genuine customer experience. Don’t rely entirely on the number of reviews in order to select your photographer either, more reviews don’t equate with better service.
  • Willingness to talk – Ask for a phone or Zoom meeting to discuss your needs and evaluate the photographer, especially if your team has more than 20 members. Art of Headshots has been hired to reshoot bigger teams where the wrong photographer was hired.

Art of Headshots Corporate Photography Services

Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Thompson headshot photographed by Carlos Taylhardat at Art of Headshots Vancouver studios 2020.

We are so proud of the team we have built and the quality of work they produce. We differentiate ourselves in the following ways:

Service – we want our customers to have a great experience from start to finish. Our head of operations confirms and communicates the details of each corporate photo session to the photographer, and then ensures your teams’ photos reach you promptly. We work with you to meet your deadlines.

Experience – we have had the honour to work with hundreds of companies over a 13+ year span. At times we have provided solutions to our clients that they didn’t realize were possible.

Methodology – our distinct process for photographing individuals allows us to really capture our clients’ personality.

Product – there are so many talented photographers with different styles. The product we provide goes further than the empty smiles you see in some headshots. Our portraits convey a deep sense of connection between the viewer and the individual photographed.

Other considerations about Corporate Photography Services

  • What to wear on your photo day.  Consider who your clients are, what your branding identity is, and how you want people to know you. 
  • We spoke briefly about consulting with a designer, photographer, or webmaster about marketing your company.  You also need to consider the how the photo backdrop its going to impact your about us page, LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other marketing and online presence.
  • Where would you like your team photographed?  In studio, outdoors, your office or some other designated place?  Sometimes what we want might not be possible. For example, a construction company wanted to replicate images of people on a ladder with a view of the city underneath like images photographed in New York in the 30’s, the union destroyed that idea.
  • What is your budget? The people working in your corporation are your greatest asset, and clients like to know who they speak with. A high turn over rate in an organization might not warrant headshots for the newer members, but those individuals that stick around with your organization longer than a few months are worth the headshots investment.

Sample of Companies we have worked with

Art of Headshots Vancouver Studio

970 Burrard Street, Unit 234, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R4

Art of Headshots Victoria Studio

1024 Meares St. Victoria, BC, V8V 3J6

Art of Headshots Kelowna Studio

23- 225 Glen Park Drive Kelowna, BC, V1V 2X5

Art of Headshots Austin Studio

1701 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX 78701

Art of Headshots Calgary Studio

812A 16 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0S9

Art of Headshots Regina Studio

1808 Smith Street, Unit 210, Regina, SK S4P 2N9

Art of Headshots Edmonton Studio

9662 101A Ave, Unit 203, Edmonton, AB T5H 0A7

Book an appointment with Art of Headshots using Setmore

Book an appointment with Art of Headshots using Setmore

Art of Headshots Toronto Studio

236 Margueretta St, Toronto, ON M6H 3S3

Art of Headshots Ottawa Studio

Ottawa, ON K1T 0S1

Art of Headshots Montreal Studio

435 Rue Beaubien, Studio 202B, Montreal, QC, H2V 3Z4

Art of Headshots Halifax Studio

29 Beaumont Drive, Lower Sackville, NS B4C 1V5