Corporate Photography Services

What makes a great corporate Photography Service?

An excellent corporate photography service provides a (1) inspiring final product, (2) offers a return on investment while you experience (3) excellent service, and in the end, your corporation has discretionary (4) rights of usage.

Corporate Photography Services by Will O'hare
  1. Portraits or headshots of your team that sell services by inspiring recurring and future clients to work with you.
  2. ROI on your investment. Branding expenses are to evaluate because it takes time to witness the effects. Sometimes, we do receive information from clients feeling dumbfounded by the response.
  3. Excellent Service: At times, photographers might not be equipped to provide you with the Service you need and want.
  4. Rights of usage: Be careful that photographers may charge you additional costs for using the files at times. Especially Wedding Photographers and Product Photographers are taught to charge clients for rights. Most headshot photographers understand that you and your team need to use the corporate portraits as required fully.

How to pick a corporate services photographer, agent or designer?

Consider what and how you will be using your corporate photography? Is it for a presentation, about us page, website, LinkedIn, Instagram or an editorial? If it’s for a website or a presentation, consult with your web designer or editor about style and research photographers online and look for the following;

Corporate headshot by Carlos
  1. Style – Do you like the style of images seen online?
  2. Variety – At times, photographers will have images of portfolio-selected individuals. Does the photographer have enough experience for that? It may look great, but what about the middle age members on your team, the elders the healthier looking ones?
  3. Read a few reviews online, and more reviews don’t mean better. Read some of them and get a gist of genuine customer experience.
  4. Zoom meeting to disuss and evaluate the photographer. If you have a team more significant than 20 or so members this is advisable, we have had to go and fix shoots where the wrong photographer was hired.

Art of Headshots Corporate Photography Services

Jennifer Thompson

We pride ourselves and differentiate ourselves in the following ways;

  1. Our Service – we want our customers to have a great experience from start to finish. Our delivery integrity is prompt, and we give you everything you need in a fast delivery manner.
  2. Experience – we have worked with countless agencies and companies that have awarded us with experience dealing with various corporations. At times we have solutions our customers didn’t realize were warranted.
  3. Product – there are a lot of talented photographers with different product styles. We believe that a great portrait is a photograph of the individual that conveys something profound.
  4. Methodology – our distinct process for photographing individuals allows our clients to ensure we found your portrait.

Other considerations about corporate photography services

  1. What to wear on your photo day.  Consider who is your client, what is your branding identity and how you want people to know you.
  2. Design – we spoke briefly about consulting with a designer, photographer or webmaster about design.  You also need to consider the backdrop of the photo and how its going to fit in about us page, LinkedIn, Facebook and any other organizations linked to your profession?
  3. Where would you have your corporation photographed?  In studio, outdoor your office or in a designated place?  Sometimes what we want might not be possible ie. A construction company wanted to replicate images of people on a ladder with a view of the city underneath like images photographed in New York in the 30’s, the union destroyed that idea.
  4. Budget – consider if the people working in your corporation are your greatest asset and how much do you value your clients.
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Art of Headshots specializes in corporate and professional headshots for websites, social media like LinkedIn, and advertising. We have over 13 years of experience guiding you into authentic and professional portraits.

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