How to Proof your gallery of images

Client proofing gallery provides a simple way for you to select the best image or images from a shoot to be touched up. Effortlessly choose your favourite(s) and send them for proofing. Once we receive your choice(s) we will send back 4 files per chosen headshot in distinct optimizations to serve most branding needs.

Step by step

1. Open the email provided to you with the information regarding your proofing gallery and then copy the password and click into the link to your gallery

2. Enter your password provided and enjoy viewing the images.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.48.19 PM3. If you have a fairly large group of images, we recommend to quickly go through each one by pressing in the middle of the image and then rotating from one to another.

4.a) Now that you have seen all images you will have an idea of areas which were more pleasing than the other.  Review the images a second time and click in the star icon (bottom left) for your final selection(s). To submit them, if viewing the images in full size, click the X in the top right corner. Then scroll to bottom of page and click SUBMIT PROOFS. You will be prompted to enter an email address and name: make sure to use your email and name. Check your inbox for a confirmation email that displays your selections.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.49.53 PM

b) Not everyone can pick images as easily as in a), if you can, congratulations, you have your image or images selected.  Those of you who are looking for two headshots but have chosen… lets say 15. Feel free to submit multiple choices in order to view the narrowed down selections as one batch in your confirmation email. We always confirm with you before editing additional images.

You may also wish to right click and save each image you like to your computer and have a look at them side by side and keep deleting one by one until you have your selection(s) finalized. Send us an email with the exact file number, (file number will appear as 002Name.jpg) or, you can go back to the gallery display and click the star icon(s) on your chosen image(s) and Submit Proofs icon(s) on your chosen image(s) and Submit Proofs. 


Q.  I want to download all my High Resolution images and keep them, how do I do that?

A.  Depending on the headshot package you have purchased you will receive an email for another gallery that allows you to download High Res.  We don’t give you access at first to help our clients stay on task regarding choosing of images.  If you didn’t purchase a package that included all high res images we will charge $45 to setup a hub for your to keep the images.

Q. I prefer you the professional to pick your favourite image for touch up.

A. You can either go through the gallery process to pick your headshot or have us pick it for you.  We are quite happy to do it to help clients.

Q. Its really difficult for me, I just can’t select an image but want to participate in the process.

A. We can set up a consultation meeting with one of us for 45 minutes to help you decide which image to use at an additional charge.

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