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leonard nimoy

As I am writing  about Leonard Nimoy, known as Spock in Star Trek, butterflies fill my heart and soul.  We lost a great human being, today.

Leonard Nimoy has died at the age of 83, confirmed by his wife Susan Bay Nimoy, of end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease this Friday morning.  Last year, the actor revealed he was suffering from chronic lung disease, despite stopping smoking more than 20 yrs ago.  He was taken to hospital February 19th after suffering chest pains.

Personally, what I recognized in his multi-faceted array of talents was his voice.  Leonard Nimoy had an ability to intrigue anyone’s curiosity with his fascinating tongue, a voice unlike anyone.  Yes, I will also miss Spock, a character that precedes my existence and its always fresh, I will never have the opportunity to capture his headshots either.

Leonard, say hello to my Father.  Thank you for your great work to humanity,

Leanord Nimoy: Biography

1931 Born in Boston, Massachusetts.  Jewish Family that Immigraded to Boston

1951 First role in a Hollywood debut in Queen for a Day

1966 His role of Spock was casted which made history with Star Trek.

1969 Plays The Great Paris for two years in the cast of Mission Impossible

1979 Returns to his role as Spock in the first big screen of Star Trek

1987 Directs ” Three Men and a Baby “, becoming a huge hit.

1989 Star Trek V

1991 Star Trek VI

2009 Once again he return to his role as Spock in new Star Trek films by JJ Abrams

2014 He is diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a progressive lung condition.

2015 Today, this morning – February 27, 2015.  We lose a familiar voice, a great Man, someone that somehow I feel a bond. Leonard Nimoy, Spock

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