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At Art of Headshots we have made our tagline “the optimum branding identity”,  because in most cases you are the brand and your modern  portrait is an image of you- at your best. What can be more  important than the visionaries,  the team, the creators and inventors? How do you purchase a service that will provide you with a headshot that will help your sales people make millions, the creators communicate their genius and the professionals express unparalleled competency?  Our ability to recognize faces and expression is one of humanity distinct qualities. We look at people and immediately in our sub-conscious mind make decisions about that individual. Our defence system will accept or reject that person based on our innate perception. How can you have a headshot that will engage with your future client, boss or even lover? Neuroscientists who specialize in the study of online engagement have determined that we will look at an image of a face before anything else. Secondly would be a picture of an animal, followed by an image of food, when looking at someone’s online profile or web page. We resist reading content right away, it’s not an instinctive response. So your headshot is a tool to help the reader in a deeper level decide if he or she is going to read your content. So, if a portrait is the first visual point, shouldn’t all online websites have a portrait to the left of a page, helping people visually follow a sequence? Being a headshot professional, I have witnessed the engagement related to headshots, and the difference it makes when people use our system for realizing a great headshot. Do we relate to faces because we human beings are  narcissistic and will respond to things that matter to us, mainly us and about us? Or does it have to do with bonding and social development? I wonder if we also will automatically and intuitively make judgements toward the headshot in a profound and intuitive way? It seems that by passion, trial and error and curiosity I have been building an online neuroscientific approach for producing a headshot that is ‘the optimum branding identity’. My first experience of the magic and power of a great headshot was the discovery that National Geographic magazine would boost sales every time they add a portrait called the ‘Afghan Girl’, I wonder how many millions and millions of dollars they have earned on the account of a single picture of a13 yrs old girl photographed 30 yrs ago? Walking to a book store we will see autobiographies of great people and the cover isn’t painted or designed it is more often than not a portrait of the person. Writers of all ages, races and hierarchies benefit from a great portrait cover of themselves to entice the reader to purchase the book. Would we see Nelson Mandela’s portrait in a Vogue magazine article? But his portrait earns his family millions of dollars. While a model’s portrait might be somewhat exciting it may become a hinderance for book sales since we automatically determine who has life experience interesting enough to read a thousand of pages and who doesn’t? After a long process of analysis and studies of headshots, we have devised a failed safe approach to producing a modern portrait to help our customers bring out the best of themselves. A meaningful headshot specific to become the optimum branding identity.

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