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Before choosing a photographer to take your headshot, there are a few basics and facts you need to know in order to get a perfect photograph. First of all, the photo should capture you in a natural pose and clearly displaying your entire face straight to the camera. Headshots do not include the rest of your body as they are usually taking in the top of your shoulders. The standard for headshots in the industry is a black and white headshot measuring 10 X 8 inches or 25 X 20 centimetres.

Getting a good quality headshot will definitely cost you some money, some photographers requesting well over $350 for a session. It is definitely not something to take lightly as it sounds so expensive but you need to keep in mind that it needs to be done properly. Some professional photographers also offer discounts for students or their regular clients and still deliver quality.

Second of all, it is best to make a little research in order to choose the perfect photographer to take your headshot. The Internet offers a wide database of photographers and their portfolios, details about their work and contact information in order to reach them. You can also ask your friends or relatives for a recommendation regarding a photographer as word of mouth recommendation counts for a lot. If anybody you know has a favorite photographer whose work they are happy with, be sure that your friend will guide you to him.

Everybody interested in getting their headshot done is normally looking for a professional that offers friendly service at competitive rates. As we mentioned before, the price for headshots and photo sessions is quite high but sometimes you can negotiate a fee with the photographer of your choosing. An initial approach can determine if there is any room for negotiations but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Ask how many shots the photographer will take, how many prints are included in the fee and how much does getting copies cost. This will save you time and money and will also keep you away from disappointment.

Now that you have chosen your photographer and laid out all the details, the next thing to do before the big day is to get enough sleep. Clothes are a major impact in a photo session so make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes that are boosting your confidence and keeping you relaxed. Extra makeup and cutting your hair the day before are bad ideas, so are props, backgrounds and other accessories that distract from your face.

Professional photographers will advise you regarding what to wear and what to keep away from so it is important to take their advice as they have years of experience in this field. When it comes to choosing a shot you should select the one that best reflects your person and look. You can also ask your friends for their opinion in case you find it hard to decide. In conclusion, headshots should be true and accurate representations of how we look so there is no room for silly accessories, crazy hair or unnatural smiles.

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