Do You Have a Fear of Headshots?

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Special thanks to Martin Bentsen who posted this great video for fear of headshots. Martin Bentsen is a headshots artist and founder of City Headshots Studio in New York City, New York. 


Do You Have a  Fear of Headshots?

“I have to tell you that I really hate having my pictures taken”, is one of the most common comments I receive from clients inquiring over the phone who suffer from headshot anxiety.

A review by one of my fearing clients who overcame her fear and then wrote the following review on google… “I was reluctant to be a “model”. Carlos put me at ease, made me forget that he was taking my picture, and I just enjoyed our conversation about my dreams being realized. He had a gift for making me move in the moment with grace and simplicity. I love the headshot and would highly recommend Carlos to anyone who was looking for a headshot that showed the essence of themselves.”, Assunta Lanilli.

I understand fear of headshots, although I must admit that it has never affected me personally but am quite sensitive to witnessing clients overcome fear during the session and admire them for doing so. We will do everything possible to ease the tension before, during and following the session, otherwise your portrait wouldn’t convey the best of you.

Photographer Techniques to help overcome Fear of Headshots:

1 – Questions- we have a recipe of communication to help clients feel at ease and forget that they are actually being photographed.

2 – Comfort- we have done everything possible to provide clients with comfort throughout the session. We offer some of the finest teas, coffee, purified water and – yes – alcohol if needed.

3 – Professionalism- in all dealings from start to finish with a human touch and heart.

Do you continue to fear headshots? “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”, Winston Churchill.

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