What is the difference between corporate headshots and actors headshots?

Often clients ask me what is the difference between an actors headshot and an executive headshots.

Both corporate clients and actors treat their images professionally and take it very seriously. However, for an actor the headshot may be the only tool to communicate with a casting agent.

Casting agents have rules about what the headshot should look like? It should be an exact representation of the person. A working actor has to follow these strict guidelines. But also need a relationship building image that should allow the casting agent to feel enamored with the actor.
Arguably one could say that the Actors’ Headshots is far more important than an executive Headshot, since their success is counting on the results achieved by the Headshot.

Business executives and professionals take their image quite seriously and want a headshot that reflects their personality, and professional look for industry. For example and artist may wear jeans, and that may be the professional look for that particular industry as account executive’s usually wear suits with ties.
No rules for an executive headshots. As a photographer, my rule is to capture the soul of my clients in every image. Which is the reason why clients employ me to become their photographer.
However, some photographer are splendid and have an entire different style, and are quite successful at achieving clients needs.
No matter what your professional needs for a headshot, it should be taken seriously if you want serious results.


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