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Featured Faces: Don Gavreau

Art of Headshots congratulates Don Gavreau, last Augusts, Headshots client, for winning the Top 40 under 40.  Business in Vancouver diligently awarded 40 Entrepreneurs for this prestigious award, Don was the top winner.

Being a photographer for Entrepreneurs, privileged me the honour of capturing people achieving excellence.  Please read Business Vancouver for a full article about Don’s Pharma Freak Technologies that hit $10 million in sales in four years.

…Courtesy Business in Vancouver Q&A re top 40 under 40

“We have 25 to 30 products now.  In terms of our sales, our first year we were at $250,00.  Our second year we were at about $900,000.  In our third year, we were at about $3.3 million.  This most recent year we are right up around $10 million in sales”.

“We launched our first product Freak, a weight-loss product.  Most of the startup money came from Alex.  He had opened a fitness studio in Toronto.  He had just finished paying off all his business loans but still had those lines of credit open, so we used those and we maxed out all the credit cards we available to us.”

“That was why it was so critical in the beginning that we got paid on our sales.  The biggest challenge has been finding the right distribution business partners.  It’s hard to find good, honest distributors.”

During my photography session I didn’t ask many question about his entrepreneurial achievements but rather about his other equally impressive dedication, being a Father.  Our celebrity Entrepreneur Don Gavreau equally successful in his other devotion.

Thank you Don for choosing Art of Headshots as your Entrepreneurial Photographer.


Don Gauvreau

Don Gauvreau, co-founder of PharmaFreak Technologies, talks about his company’s exponential growth since 2008.

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