Building a Successful Social Media Campaign

February 26, 2014

Carlos Taylhardat, headshots taken January 10, 2013

Carlos Taylhardat, headshots taken January 10, 2013

Are you looking for innovative ideas to help you build a successful social media campaign?  Or an understanding about where and how to build a successful social media marketing campaign?  Some of the following points are standards while other opinions in this article are uniquely my experiences being shared with you the reader.

The easiest and most effective way to have successful social media campaign is by engaging in passionate goal such as a protests and a fight for social justice.  Governments have been brought down through the masterminds behind a social media campaign.

Lets face it, not all business owners have a cause that will insight the same passion as bringing down a corrupt government, earth quake relief or other type of urgencies.  For the average small to medium sized business owners or professionals we have to build our social media campaign a little differently.

Here are seven ideas about building a successful social media campaign;

1. Same Branding Message to all Social Media Giants platforms

Sign up to all the major social media giants such as; Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Google plus and Twitter to mention but a few ( more examples are included in the bottom of this article).  For example with my company I am “Art of headshots” in all of my accounts, same address, same phone number and corporate messaging.

2. Neuroscience of Social Engagement

Consider the Neurosciences of Social Engagement findings ( read my previous article for more information – ).  Your headshot speaks to the sub-conscious mind of your target audience, other messaging images and video are crucial.  Make sure that they are optimized for Web presence.

3. Optimization of Accounts

Lots of articles in this area but most are written for programmers and it is difficult for an average person to understand.  The easiest way to optimize each social media account is by filling out all the requirements ( its laborious and may seem like a waste of time, but it isn’t ) then pick an account that you find enticing and merge what you like with your own design.

4. The Crazy

Viral videos, funny photo’s, controversial content, innovation and so forth are great ways to immediately increase a following and being noticed.

5. The Cause

Consider making your cause a gift to humanity rather than being something that will benefit yourself.  An example in a newsletter subscription, some business owners are constantly sending call to action letters  -Buy Now-.  The only beneficiary of the letters is the company.  Its easy to unsubscribe and eventually a client will forget you.

Be giving and you shall receive.  Design your marketing material to benefit those that you are sending.  i.e. I sell headshots but write about things that interests other such as this article.


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