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Are you currently in search of the secret recipe for producing or finding the perfect LinkedIn headshot? The following article may shed insights into what makes an effective LinkedIn headshot.

If possible, open up your own LinkedIn account and look at headshots of colleagues to determine who stands out and why? You might find that the most influential portraits include the following – Emotion, Composition, and Professionalism.


Your LinkedIn headshot will either arouse a colleague to want to know more about you or it may be a simple lifeless picture of an individual?

If you want your portrait to makes a statement? Be authentic and transparent during the session. Please don’t confuse authenticity and emotion with a fake smile and lifeless eyes.

How do I photograph or be photographed for emotion? Look for a photographer specializing in headshots that has the abilities to draw out the genuine individuality of his or her clients.


A LinkedIn Headshot should be cropped square to be added to the circular space provided by LinkedIn and it should have little to zero distractions competing with the person’s expression. Close up at low resolution to improve the SEO ( 72 dpi 5.56″x5.56″ or 400 pixels by 400 pixels )

Often I have Art students wanting complementary colors in the portrait… That would be fine if it was a landscape, but a headshot is about the person and in most cases, the eye is the gate of the soul. It’s not about a loud shirt, a dress or the house – it’s about you! Minimize the number of things competing with you and your eyes. Choose color or black and white – I switch mine from color to black and white back and forth.

Some critics advice white backdrop, while other photographers advice outdoor. There are advantages to outdoor, white and grey. Chose the cinematic look ( outdoor landscape out of focus ), grey or white if you want, it all depends on your brand and your comfort level for being outside.


Professionals understand the importance of his or her brand and will only entrust his or her headshot by another professional dedicated to the Art of Headshots.

In 2009 when I started my company, Art of Headshots I would often wonder why would professional law firms have portraits of staff photographed by amateurs? Nine years later, law firms are my number one clientele.

One of the best ways to determine credibility is through the headshots of the potential client. Recently I received a Facebook invitation to listen to a business so-called guru, his face was oily, the portrait was photographed on an iPhone he had a fake smile with vacant eyes… He couldn’t pay enough to waste a day listening to whatever he was trying to sell for $300 a day. Later that same day, I received another Facebook invitation to listen to Anthony Robins… His simile ignited my heart – the portrait was richer than his content, somehow he gravitated me on a sub-conscious level. I wanted to listen to him and felt like his $3,000.00 pricing was a bargain.

In choosing a professional headshot photographer look at his or her portfolio, are the clients sharing something in a subconscious sort of way? Do they have a variety of people all illustrated in a delightful manner? If so you might have found your photographer.

LinkedIn Headshots

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