All Things Headshots Part I: What is a Headshot?

Today I am starting a session to help business owners, professionals and just about anyone to understand the Art of Headshots.

Headshot is a terminology for portrait photography, initially exclusive to Actor’s portrait. Now, its a terminology by everyone regarding modern portrait images.
What is a modern portrait image? An picture that clearly communicates with your potential audience in any possible search? IE. google, yahoo, bing or any social media. Print materials, press, business cards and/or any other source.
Consider that your image is available 24 hrs a day any day, including Holidays and weekends via the channels mentioned, people searched web, not though phone directories. Your potential client will make judgments on you based on your professional image ( Headshots ). Also be assured that your portrait will break or make the next step of contact.
How important is your Headshot? Its your first opportunity to win the new job position, the financing, the client or the future husband or wife? “Sometimes I read the resume, love what they are saying search their name on line… I have to rip the resume because they don’t look like they sound” an international head hunter explained.
What do you want to show in a Headshot? Tomorrow’s lesson.
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