All Things Headshots Part II: How to Choose a Photographer

Now that you understand the importance of a Headshot its time to choose a photographer to capture your greatest image.

Consider that being proficient with a digital camera is the easiest part of Headshots photography. Getting the right exposure and lighting is expected. However, being able to communicate and reciprocate is the challenge.
There are lot of photographer specializing in different areas such as commercial photography, event, architectural, weddings. Make sure you hire the professional that understands your needs and has a system for service and delivery .
Generally speaking a product photographer sees products and subjects not experiences and emotions which are key ingredients for a successful Headshots. Often I have to re-photograph clients that hired their product or Wedding photographer to capture their Headshots.
Family Portrait and Wedding Photographers do deliver images differently. Often will keep your files and try to sell you prints which isn’t what we need for professional Headshots. Make sure to ask them what is their system of delivery. Its imperative to receive a file optimized for Web and

Social Media, followed by a file for prints. The size, cropping and finish is different for Web vs printing. Be aware of dealing with an agency that will charge extra for your files.
When looking at the portfolio of a company dedicated to Headshots do pay close attention to the style. Look at the portfolio and go through all the images to find a common theme. Be careful of choosing a photographer that only has but a few images.
Some Headshot photographers are masters at color and set designs, others are more emotional. A photographer that captures emotion may not be too concerned about wrinkles in the shirt but fully attentive to the emotional responses. The set designer may have perfect color and styles but may not interact as much with the client.
Tomorrow we will cover Post-production and styles.


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