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Actor Headshots are portraits for casting, or for the directors and casting agents to consider and evaluate the person auditioning for a role.  What about having a headshot to become a movie star?

Years have I photographed actors in the industry and continue to be stunned by the lack of acknowledgement and creativity towards headshots.

Sometimes the agents, due to fear ask me to send an image that isn’t captivating.  “We want an image that can play a number of roles, nothing creative…”.  “Die your hair blonde because we don’t have that many roles for red heads…”.  ” No, I don’t want that headshot its not versatile enough…  Let’s chose the neutral and limiting image, instead”.

What if Amanda Seyfried was new to the industry? She was photographed and produced this image as her 8X10 for casting?  Wouldn’t you agree that a director or a casting agent would eventually hire her on the account of this image?  Certainly someone might even re-write a new role just to have Amanda included in the movie, play or short film.

Unfortunately, most actors are afraid to show their soul, to come out with something beyond the status quo.  Why not have a headshot that will ignite the creative juices of the agents auditioning a person for a role?  Have a headshot to become a movie star, not to simply land a role?

Les Miserable, benefited form the portrait of Amanda to increase ticket sales!  National Geographic sold the most images on the account of the portrait of the Afghan girl – head shot.

I will add a gallery called Headshots for future movie stars…


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