Why Headshots?

Why Headshots?

Often corporate clients contemplate about the advantages of Headshots with excuses such as;
– My nephew has a great camera
– Website designer takes great pictures
– Someone may not like my images
– Its not in our budget
– Need to loose weight before having my image taken
– People may not like me?
– Too expensive?
– I am busy
Consider the importance of having a professional image of yourself. How do you want your potential clients to see you? How important is your agency, business and identity?
Are you using linkedin, facebook, tweeter a website, catalogue, member of a board, etc… People will see you and build an attachment towards you prior to the first meeting, or as a follow up and/or to decide using your services.


Art of Headshots specializes in corporate and professional headshots for websites, social media like LinkedIn, and advertising. We have over 13 years of experience guiding you into authentic and professional portraits.

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