Why do you need a headshot

Why do you need a headshot?  It surprises me that business coaches, marketing professionals and even social media guru’s don’t realize how important it is to have a professional portrait for moder needs.

Its my first question when responding to a clients inquiry ” why do you need a headshot?”, the following are some of the most common answers to my question;

a) I need a headshot for my social media campaigns such as Linked In, twitter and Facebook.

b) I need a headshot for my website bio area and want an image that will build trust.

c) I need a headshot for the back cover image of my new book.

d) I need a headshot for a new publication being written in a magazine or newspaper

e) I need a headshot because I am me and want to be remembered by a powerful portrait.

Would President Obama, Queen Elizabeth or Bill Clinton use a photograph taken by a relative because their friend bought a nice new camera? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?  Why would any business professional, owner, diplomat, CEO, performer, surgeon etc…  Feel he or she should have less standard than dignitaries, certainly I consider myself important, my image is me.  People will judge me by my appearance, initially and then my actions.

Other important factors for having a headshot is the call to action aspect of your image.  Do you have an image that invites people to do business with you, get to know you better, be interested in who you are, feel comfortable to hearing you speak, award you the next leading role?  A professional photographer dedicated to the art of headshots should provide an image for your needs.


Art of Headshots specializes in corporate and professional headshots for websites, social media like LinkedIn, and advertising. We have over 13 years of experience guiding you into authentic and professional portraits.

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