Why do I need Headshots?

Edmonton Headshots of business people

Consistently I receive inquiries from potential clients, who begin by explaining that they just want a simple headshot, “nothing fancy, y’know?”  I was initially puzzled by this request.  A professional headshot photographer helps evoke and frame the character of the client, based on the client’s own wardrobe and styling choices.  I don’t drape my clients in robes and fine jewels, so I wasn’t sure how to accommodate this request.  Then I realized that many people do not appreciate the fundamental value of a professional headshot.  Even if you do not personally value headshots, it’s important to realize their potential value to those who are in a position to hire, join, or otherwise connect with you.  A professional headshot is significantly more than a complicated selfie.
Why should you care about your headshots?  Why do I need headshots?  Here are five important reasons to care about your headshots.
Edmonton Headshots of business people

  1. You are here!  You exist!

Professional headshots honour your unique presence.  A talented headshot photographer can help you make the simple, but powerful statement that you are here!  Share your energy in the best of all lights.

  1. Branding Power

Headshots have a unique and unarguable branding power.  Remember the old saying?  A picture speaks a thousand words.  In this day and age of hyperactive digital and virtual communication, a tasteful headshot will represent an otherwise absent part of your essential humanity.  A headshot has the ability to powerfully join the unique visual statement that is yours alone to make, with your message.  A professional headshot uniquely impacts potential new clients, employers, or even partners.  

  1. Engagement

The way we do business today has changed dramatically.  People are spending more time looking at monitors and phones than faces.   It may be efficient, but it’s a cold way to do business.  
Attaching your headshot to all of your e-mediums allows friends and clients to connect with you visually, as well.  Add your headshot to your email signature, as well as your Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts.  It has an impact.

  1. Stand out from the crowd

A recent client chose to leave her employer, when they moved their head office to another city.  She wanted to remain in town.  After months of diligently searching for employment, she was still unemployed.  A friend recommended Art of Headshots to her.  “I hate getting my pictures taken,” she told us, “but it seems like I have no other choice.”
Within 2 weeks, she was recruited for a new position that involved a promotion from her last.  She moved from VP in one company to President of a public trading company with greater income and better benefits in her own town.  Why?  She stood out from the crowd by adding one of our distinct headshots to her application kit.

  1. Taste

Having a poor headshot of yourself or a selfie reflects poor taste.  In some cases, no headshot is better than a bad one.  We invite you to let us capture your tasteful, unique, and powerful visual statement in one of our professional headshots.


Art of Headshots specializes in corporate and professional headshots for websites, social media like LinkedIn, and advertising. We have over 13 years of experience guiding you into authentic and professional portraits.

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