What is a Head Shot? What are Headshots?

June 25, 2010

Copy+of+HEADSHOTS+(6)What is a Head Shot or Headshots?

Wikipedia has its solution answers to the question?
According to Wikipedia Head Shot is a portraiture image with the face as its emphasis.
As this terminology for Portrait becomes more prominent, Headshots is our modern solution for portrait photography aimed at branding a professional for his or her needs.
A professional Portrait optimizing latest technological advances to reveal the person’s essence, character and presence.
Initially ‘Headshots’ was a terminology for actors and performers, now its a loose terminology aimed at anyone wanting the best possible Portrait Image.
As a portrait photographer and a professional capturer of Headshots, servicing Vancouver, BC. I am fascinated by all of the technological advances to photography, from the camera and its sensor’s, to post-production and finishing styles. Even the communication approach to help my clients reveal ‘the zone’ ( a presence ) is constantly changing.
Call it a Portrait, Headshots or Mug Shots…. Branding you, starts by an exceptional image.
Carlos Taylhardat

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