What is a Head Shot? What are Headshots?

What is a Head Shot or Headshots?

Wikipedia has its solution answers to the question?
According to Wikipedia Head Shot is a portraiture image with the face as its emphasis.
As this terminology for Portrait becomes more prominent, Headshots is our modern solution for portrait photography aimed at branding a professional for his or her needs.
A professional Portrait optimizing latest technological advances to reveal the person’s essence, character and presence.
Initially ‘Headshots’ was a terminology for actors and performers, now its a loose terminology aimed at anyone wanting the best possible Portrait Image.
As a portrait photographer and a professional capturer of Headshots, servicing Vancouver, BC. I am fascinated by all of the technological advances to photography, from the camera and its sensor’s, to post-production and finishing styles. Even the communication approach to help my clients reveal ‘the zone’ ( a presence ) is constantly changing.
Call it a Portrait, Headshots or Mug Shots…. Branding you, starts by an exceptional image.
Carlos Taylhardat


Art of Headshots specializes in corporate and professional headshots for websites, social media like LinkedIn, and advertising. We have over 13 years of experience guiding you into authentic and professional portraits.

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