Captain MG Tyrone

Veteran’s Portrait Project

Being a professional photographer for many years (too many to mention) has awarded me the opportunity to capture excellent moments and dynamic people. Capturing images of our local heroes at Seaforth Highlanders was my most privileged moment as a professional portrait photographer.
I captured images of Veteran’s of WWII, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Cypress, Golan Heights and Afghanistan. While some people don’t agree with our Politicians just about everyone supports our soldiers.
Shaun O’mara a veteran of Yugoslavia is the founder and co-photographer of the Veterans Portrait Project, Carlos Taylhardat is the main photographer and Jason Syverson a Veteran of Yugoslavia is the Project Coordinator. Our aim is to illustrate their merit through images captured and to allow Canadians to see the spirit of our Veteran’s though their Headshots.
“What I learned about being a soldier in Afghanistan. Its how under developed that Country is… How they need us to help them build better homes for their families and loved ones. I also gained a greater appreciation for Canada”, Brett Tyre.
Carlos Taylhardat
Photographer for Art of Headshots