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Natural beauty and the great weather are some of the things that make Vancouver an outstanding place to take pictures. Vancouver has many great locations to take pictures; here are some of the bet spots to take unforgettable pictures.
Stanley Park
This is the most loved spot by photographers it is a vast land of over a thousand acres with individual landmarks that creates the best photo spots. Rose garden bursts with floral while the prospect point and Malkin Bowl gives the best spot for group photo or crowd picture with a pleasant background. The outstretched lawns, beaches, mountain views and all kinds of activities in the area give the park a mix of a natural and city environment.
This is a touristy, edgy, artsy, commercial, changing and a timeless location for taking photographs in Vancouver. There are new restaurants and hotels built in the city making it complex, rich in culture, and picturesque.  The architecture is amazing with the history of the people depicted in the models of the structures in the city. Gastown is a compliment to Vancouver as it shares its history and culture.
Spanish banks
This is one of the most favorite spots for many people coming to Vancouver to take pictures. The sunsets are breathtaking; it gives a picturesque that is unforgettable with the sky reflection on the waters. It is calm place with sand and other fascinating features.
Queen Elizabeth Park
It is the home to the most beautiful garden in the western British Colombia; it is the most versatile and unique picture taking location in Vancouver. It is the most suitable place for taking close up lens, intimate portraits and panoramic views with the Mountain View. The mountain and the skyline view are the most photogenic components that make the spot the most visited photo taking location.
Dr.Sun Yat Sen gardens
This garden is named after the famous warrior, the Dr. Sun Yat Sen classical Chinese garden is within the walls of East Pender Street in the main are of china town. It is a rich historic town, despite its location in the busy town traffic, the gardens are surprisingly tranquil.  The elegantly pruned trees, water fountains, architecture and the overall look of the garden are a treat to photography.
This town is ritzy, ultra stylish, hip and is a home to many great people. The town hosts several parties and other events on regular basis, this are the events that are great for photography.
Granville Island
This is land is famous for a pack of activities during summertime, you are sure to get the best shot of the clown, pack of shoppers, musical performers and tourists. It is warm, friendly and the people are charming and vibrant.
Sunset beach
This is the perfect photograph spot for people who want beach photographs; the beach abounds with diverse people from different locations. With the beautiful views and the unique culture, coupled with spectacular sunsets makes this place the perfect location for taking pictures.

Carlos Taylhardat

Carlos Taylhardat is a portrait photographer in Vancouver BC for Art of Headshots Portrait Studio. As an adult Carlos was a Youth Worker and Family Therapist for Children that were displaced due to abuse in their homes. Following a 15 yrs career, Carlos burrowed his experience in counselling to adapt a new system for photographing people. His vast experience and knowledge of the human psychic is clearly displayed in his work for photographing people

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