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Brooke Wilson was photographed prior to an audition
Being one of Vancouver photographers dedicated to the Art of headshots, image of Brooke Wilson. Photographed in Vancouver, BC

Being one of Vancouver photographers specializing in the art of headshots, have given me the opportunity to capture people during important stages of their lives.  I have photographed awarded scientists, professional actors, politicians, celebrities and people with all sort of accolades residing or visiting Vancouver.  Sometimes the great stories come from the younger and future generations.

Brooke Wilson on our left was thirteen years old when she needed a professional headshot for her audition the next day, she was recommended to see me as one of Vancouver Photographers for Headshots.  She needed a quick and immediate service just before her soccer practice.  She had been saving money in her piggy bank for weeks and didn’t have enough to cover the cost of the session.  Had been stressed about how to pay for the headshot and about her important audition the following week.

Needless to say, I accepted the amount she had saved, photographed her in 15 minutes.  She landed the principal role for the play.  Ten years later I am writing about her headshot photography session and admiring her energy in this photograph.  What an honour, pleasure and delight to have captured images of Brooke.

Brooke if you read this blog, please call me.  I have a free print in metallic paper.  Being one of Vancouver photographers dedicated to the art of headshots has given me the honour to capture the excellence of people.





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