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The Power to Change Everything        

In his latest book The Power to Change Everything, Yehuda Berg simplifies and makes accessible the idea that our consciousness can create a better, more perfected reality. He examines the problematic areas of politics, religion, environment, and economy, and demonstrates how everything, no matter how bleak, can be transformed by shifting out minds. This is a universal message that can be understood by everyone. As someone who has benefited from Yehuda’s inspirational words before, we would appreciate if you’d help us make The Power to Change Everything an international bestseller! If you’re planning to buy the book, please get your copy through Barnes & Noble, Borders,, or your independent bookstore during the week of November 9. By doing so, you help to make Kabbalah books stand out to booksellers, and they will stock our titles in greater numbers and with greater visibility.

Your desire to spread the word among friends will also help make this campaign a success. If you’ve been wanting to share Kabbalah, we think this book is a wonderful invitation — for even the most spiritual skeptic — to think about life just a little differently. Please feel free to use Twitter, Facebook, and email to help advance the change we all want in the world.  

Making changes in small steps

There is tremendous energy in our vows. When we make a promise and don’t keep it, we create black holes, voids, and no wonder we are uncomfortable or dissatisfied.

– Carlos Taylhardat

Showing up when you say you are going to show up keeps you from feeling uncomfortable and helps us see you are a person that keeps their promises.

To questions there are answers, but to answers there are no answers.

– Carlos Taylhardat

From this I take: don’t be a know it all. And you’ll know it all.

Nothing kills passion like routine. You can be living the perfect life and still lose your juice if you are not learning new things and seeing different angels and angles all the time.

– Carlos Taylhardat

Try standing on your head. Eat a different flavor donut. Brush your teeth with your opposite hand. Get into the mindset of doing the little things different, and the big things will emerge.

Curtains are implanted in our consciousness, limiting our abilities to perceive true reality.

– Carlos Taylhardat

As a result situations that can seem hopeless may become a blessing in disguise. Don’t let your judgments blind you to the golden opportunities.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts,



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