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Consider that here, in Vancouver BC, we have one of the most active film industries in the World. Some say third following L.A and New York, but greater chances per capita ( less competition ). Depending on the amount of productions any given term cities like Toronto may be greater.

Every few years a new internationally acclaimed television production are initiated; 21 Jump Street, Macgyver, X-Files, Stargate and Smallville are but a few to mention. This year alone we have had blockbuster productions that include Twilight Saga, Tron, Legacy and Diary of a Wimpy Kid… Every year Vancouver’s film industry grows, steadily. 

How does an actor begin his or her career? With lots of luck, hard work and positive wishes… Or Vancouver Actors Guide is another option.

This website has forums written by performers for performers, up to date information on the latest trends, list of agents, photographers, casting agents and so on. It was established in 1998 and have been providing the community with the tools to adopt a proactive approach towards their career…

If you are a dreamer looking to make your desire a reality and live in Vancouver one way to start is by looking at the Vancouver Actors Guide, a free resource with all the information needed to get you started.



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