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As you may know, name is Carlos Taylhardat a portrait photographer representing ‘Art of Headshots’, Vancouver’s self branding solution.
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Today Uruguay played Germany for third and fourth place. It was a close match but the award goes to Germany. What type of branding image solution are these young heroes applying?
Germany’s Miroslav Klose who is one of their top scorer had some help with branding himself as its evident in his image. He was shot professionally in a studio, 3/4 body image with rembrandt style lighting. Posing as someone confident about his future. His image was later designed by a graphic artist to illustrate his career and included is his signature.

Uruguay’s recent hero Diego Forlan, who emerged as one of the great Football players this year ( Soccer in Canada and USA ). His image was captured by a wide angle lens, with ambient fluorescent lighting. Not much help, an unfortunate portrait. Wrong lighting, lens and approach – Ouch!
As a result of his outstanding performance, we can expect new Headshots from our recent hero, Diego Forlan of Uruguay.
Carlos Taylhardat


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