Tommy Ramone of the Ramones died today

Tommy Ramone the remaining original member is dead at age 65…

Thank you for your Genius music that later would be called Punk Rock, created by you.  You influenced me more than I have ever known.

In 1979, we my favourite albums included Pink Floyd, The Ramones, Be Gees and Donna Summer.  It never made any sense to admire one style of music when at one moment I could wear bell bottoms and another moment it would be ripped jeans.   Music in the 70’s was real expression from the heart, a political movement and a sense of hope towards the future.

“What do you think of that Rock N’Roll stuff”, ” I learned that Good Music, is Good Music regardless of colour, shape or form ” replied Luis Armstrong during an interview in the 50’s.

“I am a teenage lobotomy”, what did it mean?  ” slugs and snails are after me ddt keep me happy, now I guess i’ll have to tell’em that i got no cerebellum, gonna get my ph.d. I’m a teenage lobotomy”

Tommy Ramone of the Ramones was considered the creators of Punk Rock N’Roll.  Some of the establishment treated their music as teenage lobotomy, reflecting back on the times Tommy exceeded his ph.d and showed the world his creative genius immortalized through his music.  


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