Think Different

April 27, 2014

I have read some of the most popular business books, taken business administration and entrepreneurial courses number of times, read psychology books about business…

But have never learned more about running a business than through Walter Isaacson biography of “Steve Jobs”, which not meant to be a business manual. But its my new business manual and hopefully will allow me to create the business I have envision all my life.

Think different was one of the most memorable moments in Steve Job’s career with Apple and Pixar.  Think & consider that his autobiography carries two headshots, one of him in his later years and another when he was in his twenties.

Steve Jobs, a different thinker belongs with this group of outstanding people, or maybe not?  He did play tough for some and hurt people along the way, but also helped colleagues reach the stars with him.  Built the best computers, cell phone, music, animation movies…  His accolades are of the highest kind.