The day following corporate headshots

Following corporate headshot day or days, we will ( depending on the corporation ) send out individual proofing galleries of images captured for each staff member. It’s an opportunity to go through all the images and find the best portrait. Once you choose your best image we will retouch, adjust and photoshop that image and send different file size’s to serve all needs such as social media, about us page and printing.

The following are recommendations for corporations reviewing proofing galleries to prevent possible conflicts;

Do not share your gallery with coworkers

Now that you have received your proofing gallery link and are but a click away from reviewing all images taken last week… You press the link and voila, your proofing gallery materializes with images of you, everywhere and for some reason it’s disappointing…

It was great last week but now you notice; “I am getting older, I should have dyed my hair, my teeth aren’t as white as they used to be, why did I choose that shirt, I need to lose weight and so forth…”. Some might love their headshots but as they listen to co-workers frustration across the table it becomes infectious.

Everyone is reviewing their galleries around the office and someone is being pressured to show his or her gallery while nervous laughter arises and your office changed, nobody is working anymore. Some critics are making jokes about everyone’s gallery “You look like Roseanne and he looks like Donald Trump”.

Your headshot photographer is no longer that nice guy, but a villain who disturbed the agency to make you fatter, older, changed your teeth and everyone in the office is pulling out the forks – who is responsible for bringing this photographer. Mutiny takes over!

Alright, I am exaggerating a little but not so much. I can tell you stories of how proofing galleries disturbed office’s of corporations and I am sent back to explain the process and it all works out in the end, but it would have been much easier if people had reviewed proofing galleries at home and privately. Don’t share your gallery with anyone whom you wouldn’t invite clothing shopping and don’t review your gallery during working hours – it’s your private gallery

How to choose your best image

Choosing your best image is harder than initially thought because your mind races with subjective views such as, ” I really like image 8 but image 3 makes me look younger, which one should I choose?”. “My friend told me that I should show teeth because according to a Facebook page, Dr. Smith determined that teeth are better”, “My arms are crossed in my favorite image, isn’t that aggressive?”, “I love #3, but in #5 my back is straighter”.

Consider that your headshot is a portrait of you, you at your best and not an opportunity to become someone else. Our Mother’s told us to have back straight, show teeth, no wrinkled shirts but that isn’t the reality and our so-called imperfections are beautiful and okay. Choose an image that shares you, the real you.

Post Processing (aka Editing)

We use photoshop to improve the engagement factor of your portrait by sharpening your eyes and softening fine lines, whitening teeth, removing unwanted blemishes and so forth.

At times we have gone beyond the average retouching and have been asked to change the person entirely, which isn’t included in our work and might sound like a great idea but may not be the best choice. “I used a Facebook filter that made me look 20 yrs younger, why can’t you use that filter?”.

Best use’s of photoshop is to enhance and maybe remove acne or a mark that is temporary.


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