Shooting Professionally – Headshots for Casting

February 10, 2010

Earlier this week I wrote the following document aimed at those people venturing the idea of becoming a professional portrait photographer.

If you are contemplating this opportunity, please consider the following;
Every time I shoot a new client. My aim is to reveal their greatest image, consistently. How does one manage to consistently capture a person’s greatest image every time?

The following are a talent checklist to consider if you are contemplating a career as a Headshot photographer,
a) Technical proficiency – understanding lighting techniques, exposure, film and or digital sensors.
b) Empathy and love for humanity – Am I sounding quirky? More often than not, I hear photographers realizing that portraits wasn’t their thing? Clients feel comfortable, and reveal their aura, zone and passion – when feeling appreciated, loved and not judged.
c) Photoshop – taking a great image isn’t enough anymore. Post-production is an integral part for revealing an outstanding image.
d) Creativity and passion – lets face it, every photographer photographing buildings, weddings and/or pets, claims to be a portrait photographer. Your passion and creativity will keep you alive until the time your clients realize your true potential.
Thank You,

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