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Secret of Social Media

We have a secret for Social Media that isn’t being addressed by those so called experts.  Its called online engagement, and how to engage successfully.  Sure everyone is telling you about the latest Social Media site, google algorithms and content.  But few talk about online engagements, but all the big corporations understand the power of advertising and branding.  Why not learn online engagement for small business owners, business professional and micro business owners?

Your first impression may be the last chance to communicate your needs.

First impression is achieved by a meaningful headshot ( modern portrait ),  a professional branding image that draws attention to the sub-conscious mind and will allow those reading your profile, searching your site or even in an email…  To build relationships with you and your staff through your captured headshot.  Your image is working for your 24 hrs, 7 days a week building relationships with potential clients.   Are you ready to learn the secret of a meaningful headshot?

One of my clients was Richmond Chrysler, business was at a low point when they decided to hire my agency for all the portraits for all the sales staff.  What a difference that decision made for Richmond Chrysler, now they have headshots that make it obvious to anyone reading the our staff page, that they are professional, caring and outstanding group of individuals.  It wasn’t enough to have a professional style of portrait to accomplish this we needed something else to accomplish an image that engaged their personality and individuality.

Please call me to do a presentation on the – Art of Headshots for social engagement, in this presentation you will learn secrets towards having a successful web engagement campaign.  Art of Headshots exclusive secrets in photoshop.

Carlos Taylhardat

Carlos Taylhardat is a portrait photographer in Vancouver BC for Art of Headshots Portrait Studio. As an adult Carlos was a Youth Worker and Family Therapist for Children that were displaced due to abuse in their homes. Following a 15 yrs career, Carlos burrowed his experience in counselling to adapt a new system for photographing people. His vast experience and knowledge of the human psychic is clearly displayed in his work for photographing people

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