Professional Headshots

February 29, 2012


Professional Headshots

It wasn’t too long ago when the only people purchasing professional Headshots were performers.  Now everyone is wanting a professional  image of themselves for marketing, branding and advertising.

Sometimes I get hired to capture professional headshots because an office photo enthusiast thought he or she could do it.  Later they realized that surely the have an image of the professional staff, but not a professional image.  Becoming aware of the importance towards having professional images of their staff.

Hire a professional for professional Headshots, otherwise its just a picture.  Probably not engaging, but an image of the person nonetheless.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about professional headshots,

The Importance of Actor Headshots: Secrets from a Former Talent Agent

Method Actor headshots Photo by Jon Tyson

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t getting audition opportunities even with a good acting education under your belt? Our talented photographer Fredau Hoekstra, located in Regina, shares her talent / booking agency industry knowledge and explains why your actor headshots are so much more important than you think. A short introduction Fredau Hoekstra built […]

What is a Headshot Photograph?

Two day ago I presented to a group of business owners and asked them – What is a Headshot photograph? I was expecting to get some creative answers, maybe a great description that I might learn…  The first hand up said ” I hate my headshot taken three days ago “, that was the best […]

Executive Events Photography

  How is Art of Headshots different? My background is originally in family counselling, photography has been a passion of mine that I’ve made into a full-time career. Having a professional background in bringing out the best in people, it has naturally crossed-over to my skills as a photographer. This is exactly what Art of Headshots is […]

Christmas Party Photographers

It was a great Christmas Party and trade show, last night with Rapid Times.  It’s already time for holiday preparations. With holiday party planning underway, we at Art of Headshots Vancouver wanted to invite you consider a new photographer to capture your annual event memories as well as your greatest assets: your staff. My background is […]

What is Headshot Photography ?

Headshot photography has become a standard choice and style for modern branding, such as websites, social media and even the traditional business cards.  A headshot in simplest terms means a modern portrait  for branding. Its been said that an image speaks thousand words, but a headshot goes beyond thousand of words and speaks to the sub-conscious mind […]

How to photograph a headshot?

You want to learn how to photograph a headshot?  If you are a service provider, an amateur photographer or an aspiring professional, the following article may help you get started.  If you are an individual looking for a quick guide, the following tips may seem a little confusing and sounding more like a riddle and […]

Vancouver Photographers for Headshots

  Being one of Vancouver photographers specializing in the art of headshots, have given me the opportunity to capture people during important stages of their lives.  I have photographed awarded scientists, professional actors, politicians, celebrities and people with all sort of accolades residing or visiting Vancouver.  Sometimes the great stories come from the younger and […]

Why do you need a headshot

Why do you need a headshot?  It surprises me that business coaches, marketing professionals and even social media guru’s don’t realize how important it is to have a professional portrait for moder needs. Its my first question when responding to a clients inquiry ” why do you need a headshot?”, the following are some of […]

Website for headshots services

Art of Headshots Its been 2 yrs since we have designed our last website, due to financial restraints.  Our website was somewhat limited and have had a few complaints that the images are greater than the design. Well, I am happy to announce that over the next few weeks, we will be re-designing a whole […]

Spirit of Vancouver

Spirit of Vancouver What a tremendous Sunrise this morning, Vancouver.  The spirit inside our city has woken up to remind us that 3 mths of no rain isn’t Vancouver.  If disappointed, remember green and fresh air.   I love our city, Carlos Taylhardat

HDR Photographer in Vancouver

While photographing people is my passion and has been our specialty, we are now also offering HDR photography services. What is HDR? High Dynamic Range allows you to view more information between the lightest and darkest points of an image.  Its great for Architectural Photography, Landscapes and even people? David photographed in HDR This image […]

Best Mother’s Day Gift in Vancouver

I am dedicating today’s blog to promote an associate’s Mother’s Day gift.  Promoting someone else’s service in my blog isn’t something that I would easily accept, but in this one rare chance, I will make an exception. WHY? Some people want to see Paris, before they die, while others choose Disneyland, the Pyramids in Egypt […]

Headshots Photographer

Douglas Anderson ( DA ) Yesterday during a networking breakfast I was asked by an associate to critique his headshot image.  I looked at it and knew exactly what to say, but did not know how to say it? His Portrait was flawless, great lighting, dark grey background, he dressed as a young business professional […]

Need a headshot photographer

Scotty Grabb I am a professional photographer and principal for Art of Headshots ( ), our blog is dedicated to all things portrait headshots. Today’s topic is the need of a headshot photographer?  Which is our specialty and we believe it to be an integral part for today’s modern branding ways. Consider Scotty Grabb, […]

Networking with a purpose to end homelessness in Vancouver

Sid Last Saturday I  was invited to capture Headshots for two Homeless people in Vancouver invited speaking at a Networking Group.  I have always been concerned about the downtown Eastside and wished I could help? Ricky Shetty is uniting business people and the homeless with the purpose to end homelessness in Vancouver.  Ricky’s plan is simple, […]

Photographers best kept secret in Vancouver, a jewel of a store

Image Taken for a Art of Headshots Ad Campaign I have been to all major photography stores in Vancouver and have had mainly good experiences, but one store stands out above all others… One would expect that a professional photographer would be recommending one of those – dedicated to professional stores?   Actually, I have […]

Professional Headshots

Professional Headshots It wasn’t too long ago when the only people purchasing professional Headshots were performers.  Now everyone is wanting a professional  image of themselves for marketing, branding and advertising. Sometimes I get hired to capture professional headshots because an office photo enthusiast thought he or she could do it.  Later they realized that surely […]

Corporate Headshots

Headshot image of David Barrett What is corporate headshots? We communicate through google more than any other tool, through social media, email, web browsing, research – google rules.  While we search for information our first response is the images we see. A corporate headshot is an image that brands you, illustrates a part of your […]

Portrait Professional

I am a portrait professional with more than 30 yrs experience capturing people needing to show their best either for casting or professional needs.A portrait professional usually is an artist that has passion for people and what they do. We have our unique style of capturing images of all our clients ( ), if you have […]

The “Pro” profile pics

courtesy Amber Mac 5 Ways To Put The “Pro” In Profile Pics BY AMBER MACThu Feb 9, 2012 Your profile photo is an important part of your online image, so if you still have an egg as your Twitter avatar or a blue-and-white silhouette for your Facebook page, it’s time to step things up. (Hint: This […]

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