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August 1, 2019

It is election time in Canada if you are running a campaign with a check-list of impossible tasks. Such as inspiring your foot soldiers (volunteers), raise funds and trust your campaign manager. Additionally, you may have to debate, delegate and most importantly inspire. Your political headshot will help you achieve these goals and more, so take the exercise of producing your branding campaign image seriously.

Inspiring headshot for your Campaign

Angela G Political headshot
Angela Girard campaign headshot for North Vancouver

“Its just a headshot, anything will do!”, good luck getting elected.

Your political headshot is one of the most powerful branding tools that may encourage voters to be inspired by you – without knowing it. Consider that we learned to read before letters were invented by understanding human emotions. An inspiring headshot is found through the interaction of a master portrait photographer who has the ability to bring your best.

Now that you understand the importance of a headshot here are the following most common errors in choosing a headshot or style.

Headshot Styles to Avoid

Yousuf Karsh Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill photographed by Yousuf Karsh in Ottawa. Courtesy Pinterest https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/451978512587704090/

Vacant Smiley – some campaign managers believe that a smile is good enough so they instruct the politician to come up with “a smile”. Smile, smile please producing a contradiction between the eye expression and the muscles forming a smile. This headshot will do the opposite of inspiring your voters. Honour who you are, the most inspiring headshot for a politician was photographed in 1941 by Yousuf Karsh. He inspired Britain to sustain a bombing raid by the German’s and eventually win the War. No ‘vacant smiley’ in this portrait.

Calvin Kelin Jean 1990s
Calvin Klein Images

Vrooming – in the 90’s Calvin Klein had a very successful marketing campaign photographing 13 yrs old’s looking transfixed. It sold a lot of underwear, now almost 30 yrs later some famous photographers are recreating that look over and over again. Its very popular and effective if you want to sell underwear but not if you are planning on getting elected.

I’ve seen politicians going for this style but I highly discourage a politician running a campaign to choose vrooming. What style should I chose for my political headshot service?

What style should I choose for my political headshot service?

0170Darryl RS WEB

Don’t choose a style, instead chose a great photographer who will take interest in you? Tell him who you are and what you want to accomplish?

When I photograph a politician I want to know what they believe? Are they family people, do they want a stronger economy, ecology, schools or anything that is important? During a session the politician is interviewed so he or she values are illustrated.

Some sessions will take a few hours and it might seem like a waste of time when you have to accomplish so much in the limited time. Consider that following those 3 hrs your headshot will work for you 24 hrs and 7 days a week, inspiring voters to chose you over your competition whom might have chosen a vacant smiley or vrooming portrait.

Political Campaign TEDx talk by Lucian Despoiu

Digital Power

“I’ve come to a conclusion that there is a brand new power, a new power… And we are in front of it”, explains Lucian Despoiu, “and that is – that is the digital power”. “Digital power is everything you are doing, basically – on a regular basis. You are fighting for a cause or against a cause”. We seek connection as one digital power. We can change governments through social media by educating and reaching the masses, “If you ask me… Is it a revolution? The answer is YES”, explains Lucian Despiou.

With in all the social network channels your headshot will convey an integral message about your cause, you and your reasons for running a campaign and stimulate a positive response.

Your Political Headshots should reflect your campaign strategy

Your headshot may want to feature a setting that fits within the context of your race. Think about your demographics, cause and your own personal reason’s for running.

Besides a professional headshot you may want photography of a candidate talking to people, inspiring them.


Chose clothing that matches your brand, if you exercise often photograph yourself doing the activities that match your passions. Chose the right colours for you and your campaign.

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